Course Evaluations

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have never done online evaluations before, how do I get in?
A. The Online Evaluation System uses the same username/password that you use for the campus computer labs, your SUU-email account, the mySUU portal, and/or eLearning. If you have problems logging in, or have never used your account before, you can go see a lab technician in ELC214, Library, or CN 221, or call the student help desk at 435.586.5474.

Q. What is the purpose of course evaluations?
A.  To provide the instructor with valuable feedback about the course.

Q. Who gets the results?
A.  The Dean, Department Chair, and the Instructor.

Q. Why should I complete the evaluation?
A.  Your input is valuable and is read by the instructor.  The Department Chair and the Dean also read your responses, including specific comments you have about your learning experience. You can make a difference in improving the course.

Q. What about anonymity?
A.  Your answers are completely anonymous, and your instructor will not receive the completed results until after final grades are posted.

Q. Can I evaluate the same course more than once?
A.  No. Once you submit the survey, you cannot evaluate that course again.

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