Office of the Provost

Academic Planning 2010-2013

Academic Planning Steering Committee

The Academic Planning Steering Committee (APSC) serves as an advisory committee to the Provost on academic planning matters relative to creating an Academic Road Map for 2010-2013. It will serve as the "umbrella" academic planning body for this campus, and will collect and review the several plans from the various Focus Groups and ad hoc committees as assigned by the APSC and Provost. The APSC's work will play a significant role in helping chart the future academic course for SUU and assist the Provost with advice and recommendations for change based on the committee's assessments.

The sponsor of this Committee is the Provost of the University. The empowerment limits of the committee are to review and recommend initiatives to the Provost, Associate Provost, the Deans, and appropriate related working units and standing committees.

Various duties of the APSC will include:

  1. Analyze the organizational environmental scans and local planning sessions carried out by the Provost;
  2. Identify significant issues and gaps currently facing Academic Affairs;
  3. Assist in developing guiding values and principles to assist with prioritization;
  4. Assist in drafting a guiding mission and vision for Academic Affairs;
  5. Commission and review the work of the Focus Groups with special attention to consistency with the Academic Vision, Mission, and Goals;
  6. Assist in drafting a 3 year plan identifying strategic objectives and concomitant objectives, action plans, tactical strategies, budgetary requirements and sequencing;
  7. Identify standards of performance to measurement and;
  8. Propose a system of evaluation

Committee Members

Voting Members:

  • Co-Chair: Bill Byrnes
  • Co-Chair: Gerald Calvasina
  • Business: Kim Craft
  • CIET: Sarah Brown
  • Education: Deb Hill
  • HSS: Kurt Harris
  • Library: Scott Lanning
  • PVA: Christine Frezza
  • Science: Artis Grady
  • Continuing & Professional Studies: Karl Stevens
  • ACDC: Patrick Clarke
  • SUUSA: Justin Nelson

Non-voting Members:

  • Academic Budget & IR Research: Bruce Tebbs
  • Administrative Support: Kelly King

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