Office of the Provost

Frequently Asked Questions

All faculty who have received funding for travel commencing after July 1, 2012, have an obligation to present at a Festival of Excellence. If your funded conference presentation has not occurred by the submission deadline,you have the option of presenting at the next year’s Festival of Excellence. In general, there is a 2 year period for faculty to present at the Festival of Excellence.
You need to contact the Faculty Center Director at If you received funds from July 2012-July 2013, you are free to choose between filing a report with the center or presenting at the Festival of Excellence. If you received funding after July 2013, you need to coordinate with the Faculty Center Director.

You can reserve student spaces in one of two ways:

  1. If you know the names of the students who will be presenting, please have the student complete that section as well as the type of presentation (e.g., poster session) along with the faculty mentor information. Type in TBD in the remaining fields, topic title, description and abstract. This information must be submitted,, with the student’s name and presentation title by February 28, 2014.
  2. If you are not sure which student(s) will be presenting, leave that section blank. Please follow the additional steps outlined in the first example.
Yes. This is a day when classes are suspended, not canceled. Many faculty members have incorporated this day into their syllabi. Please check with your professors to understand their requirements for this day.
The Festival of Excellence is a day-long event dedicated to celebrating scholarship, in all forms, on our campus. We will come together as a community of learners to share our collective knowledge.
All members of the SUU community, students, staff, faculty, and administrators are strongly encouraged to present and/or attend this event.
Yes. Any student who is currently enrolled in or has completed UNIV 4925 is welcome to present their project.
Yes. However, please consult your faculty mentor to ensure your project is ready for public presentation. Faculty members will be allowed to reserve presentation positions for students. All specifics regarding these presentations (e.g., Student name, topic, and type of presentation) need to be completed by February 28, 2014.
Please use the menu to select the Emerging Scholars category. This category is open for poster presentations. Then make sure you check that there is a faculty mentor and include the faculty mentor’s email.

The University has an expanded definition of scholarship. For examples, you may want to review the Boyer model of scholarship. Presenters will have the option of presenting during a concurrent session, poster session, or via performance, exhibit, or demonstration.  Many of you have presented your original research, projects, and creative works off campus. This is an opportunity for you to share them with the campus community.
Examples include:

  • Presenting our research/scholarship via a paper or poster
  • Exhibiting any type of visual artistic work
  • Presenting an original literary work
  • Performing in any area of the performing arts
All participants are required to complete the online application by February . Applications will be reviewed and all presenters will be sent a letter which will include the time and venue for their presentation. Guidelines regarding the specifics for your presentation will be included in that mailing. All letters will be sent out the week of February 21, 2014.

If you are a student, please contact your faculty mentor, if applicable. All other inquiries can be directed to: McKennan Hansen, Festival Coordinator

Concurrent sessions are oral presentations which are the major means for sharing knowledge and best practices. Many times the presenter has an accompanying PowerPoint presentation. Hand -outs may, or may not, be used. The amount of time dedicated to each presentation will depend on the number of speakers. We have designed the sessions so that the time will be distributed evenly among presenters. The time allotted includes any Q&A time you want to include at the end of your presentation. Typically, there will be two faculty members per session, and student presenters will vary between three and four students. Therefore, faculty members will each be allocated 30 minutes of time while students will have between 20 and 15 minutes. In fairness to the other presenter(s), please time your talk and limit your presentation to the time allotted; moderators will ensure that all presenters receive their allocated time.

Oral Presentations

    • Presenters will have 15-30 minute assigned times.
      • Session time for each presenter, including Q&A and transition time:
      • 2 Presenters: 30 minutes
      • 3 Presenters: 20 minutes
      • 4 presenters: 15 minutes
    • Faculty/Staff will present in the same block, max of 2 presenters per session.
    • Students will present in the same block, a max of 4 presenters per session.
    • Presentations should include an introduction, and use non-technical terms as opposed to academic jargon
    • Visual aids are encouraged
    • If you plan to use a form of visual aid which requires any equipment other than a projector, you are required to provide your own laptop and connection equipment

A poster session is a venue for presenters to share their work using a poster. Examples of poster presentations include small completed research/EDGE projects, research/EDGE projects that are near completion, class projects, etc.

Presenters will stand with their poster during the entire poster session to answer questions and discuss their work with interested colleagues and visitors. The poster will remain in place throughout the day (before and after the poster session) to maximize viewing time. Presenters may have accompanying handouts, but handouts are not required.

SUU’s Festival of Excellence requires posters to be 30” x 40”. Printing costs will be covered by the Festival of Excellence. Printing instructions will be provided to all poster presenters. Faculty mentors are responsible for helping students create posters that meet professional standards. Posters not conforming to the Festival’s specifications will not be displayed.

Posters must include:

  • Presentation Title
  • Student Name(s)
  • Faculty Mentor Name
  • College and Department Affiliation (e.g. "College of Science & Engineering - CSIS")

In an effort to accommodate the variety of media used to display creative projects, this category is divided into two sections: display and performance.

  • Display: This category applies to the visual arts. Campus members who wish to display any type of artwork, e.g., paintings, sketches, ceramics, should apply for this category. The committee will work with the artists to select a venue that is most appropriate for the media.
  • Performance: Faculty, students, and staff who have projects which relate to the fields of music, theatre, dance, movement, poetry, and film should apply in this subcategory. Artistic venues will include a variety of campus sites that are conducive to the specific activity. There is an option for the film category. If your film requires no discussion, it will be featured in an on-site venue which will be set-up specifically to accommodate film; if discussion is required, please apply in the concurrent session category and indicate, on your application, that a film is part of your presentation.

Fine Arts

    • An abstract or artist’s statement is required for visual arts presentations
    • Video and film presentations must be no more than 15 minutes in length
    • Visual arts projects will be displayed in The Charles Hunter Room and Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery for the entire day.
    • Artists are encouraged to designate a time on their application stating when they are available to provide insights for observers.