Office of the Provost

Technical & Financial Reporting

 Technical and Financial Reports must be submitted as required by the sponsor. These guidelines explain the roles of individuals within this process.

Interim Reports and Progress Reports

The PI submits to the sponsor timely technical reports as required by the sponsor. Technical reports typically describe progress towards the aims stated in the proposal and explain any problems that may have arisen during the course of the work. PIs must provide SPARC with a copy of any report submitted to a sponsor so that a complete account of the application and award is accessible to the sponsor in one central location.


Financial Reports

The Accounting  Office, Grants Accounting, prepares financial reports as required by the sponsor. Grants Accounting provides the financial reports to the PI for review and approval. Grants Accounting transmits the financial reports to the sponsor.

Combined Financial & Technical Reports

In cases where the sponsor requests that technical reports and financial reports be submitted in a single document, Grants Accounting provides a copy of the financial report to SPARC, and the PI provides the technical report to SPARC. SPARC transmits the components to the sponsor. The original financial report is still submitted to the sponsor by Grants Accounting in the Accounting Office.

Late Reports & Non-Reporting

Only recently have Federal agencies been extremely aggressive about insisting on timely reporting. Industry, because most projects are time sensitive, are insistent upon final reports in a specified time. In addition to withholding future awards, both federal and state agencies and industry generally will not issue final payment on a project until reports are received.