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Southern Utah University intends to challenge today’s economic climate with a renewed commitment to the small class sizes and personalized learning for which it became renowned. Today, more than 75 percent of SUU students require financial assistance.

It is important to note that SUU continues to have more than a quarter of its young adults enrolled qualify as first-generation students. Some come from homes where education may not be the most important focus or funding is difficult to obtain. Some have had to overcome internal familial challenges along with academic and financial obstacles that typically prevent or postpone them from obtaining a college degree. College graduates typically earn substantially more than high school graduates and “wage earning capacity” affects the overall quality of life for not only the individual but also for their families and communities in which they live.

SUU always seeks to recruit and retain the finest students, the best and brightest, who will be partners with the faculty, fellow students and friends of learning, to stimulate the learning experience at the University, to succeed and to help others succeed as well. A top priority to cultivate these students is to increase scholarship funds, designated for students with compelling financial need, as well as those with academic achievement, leadership skills or other special merits or talents. A gift directed to this scholarship fund will help to ensure the maturation of a truly collaborative collegiate experience for a unique and extraordinary outcome for the good of all.

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Last Update: Thursday, June 14, 2012