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Types of Gifts

When you make a gift to Southern Utah University, you have tremendous flexibility in determining how the funds will be used, as well as many options for making the gift.

You may choose to restrict your gift to the designation (priority, project or program) of your choice. Unrestricted gifts are among the most valuable to SUU, because they allow the university to allocate funds wherever the need is greatest.

As you consider making a gift to Southern Utah University--keep in mind that a gift may . . .

In addition to the traditional gift of cash, there are other ways to make a contribution to SUU. These methods can provide significant tax savings beyond the normal charitable gift deduction. Please consult with your accountant, attorney, banker, investment adviser or University staff for specific information.

Gifts of Cash

Making a gift of cash is probably the simplest way a person can support Southern Utah University.  Unrestricted gifts provide the University with a pool of resources which can be distributed to support projects, programs and high-priority needs. 

Appreciated Securities

A gift of appreciated stocks or bonds, which have been owned for more than one year, entitles a donor to a full tax deduction for the market value of the securities. Capital gains taxes are avoided, thus allowing the donor to make a substantial gift to the University with minimal out-of-pocket expense.

Real Estate

A gift of real estate entitles a donor to the same tax benefits as a gift of securities, provided the property has been owned for more than a year.

Deferred Gifts

Alumni and friends often are able to make a longer investment in the future of SUU than they thought possible through a deferred gift. Some deferred gifts will provide current income to the donor and a current tax deduction when the gift is established.

There are several ways to make a deferred gift:

Designated Gifts

By supporting the college, department, or program of one's choice, the donor is providing funds for the dean and faculty to use as needed.


Donors may choose to establish a scholarship or other type of permanent endowment.  Donors who establish endowments have the option to name the fund and establish guidelines through which the earnings are administered.  Donors, however, cannot select or have direct influence in choosing scholarship or other award recipients.

Naming Opportunities

Numerous opportunities are available for people who are interested in honoring or memorializing loved ones.

Planned Giving

Planned gifts can be arranged through wills, trusts, life insurance, annuities, or the Foundation's pooled income fund.


A donor might consider a gift-in-kind to the University, or a contribution other than cash, stocks, and bonds, provided the gift is applicable to the mission of the university.

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