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SUU In View (Alumni Magazine - Fall 2002)


SUU's $42 million Capital Campaign, now in its final phase, made a special stop in Las Vegas on May 16.

It was the pleasure of SUU President Steven Bennion and other University representatives to host 60 alumni and friends of SUU at a reception and dinner at the Bali Hai Resort. The evening was spent visiting, catching up on news of alumni and of their alma mater, and also, learning about the opportunities available through SUU's "Charting a New Millennium" Campaign.

"The evening was a wonderful opportunity to provide a forum to energize SUU's campaign effort in the greater Las Vegas area," says executive director of development Jack Jenks. "We identified some special individuals, including alumni and friends, who may be interested in participating in the Capital Campaign.

Capital Campaign"It was also a fine opportunity for people in the area to make a face-to-face connection with President Bennion," Jenks adds.

Among the highlights of the evening was the meal at "Cili," a Wolfgang Puck restaurant in the Bali Hai. The fare featured arugula salad with apples, bleu cheese and candied walnuts. Diners were offered a choice of fresh salmon with green beans, shallots and sauce meuniere or prime beef tenderloin with baked potato and green peppercorn sauce.

Music was provided by the SUU student jazz combo, "Lift," and speakers included President Bennion, alumnus Chris L. Wilcox, C.P.A. and Jeffrey L. Burr, a noted estate planning attorney. The latter two gentlemen live and work in Las Vegas.

SUU's 2002 Valedictorian, Danielle Schaller Williams, a graduate in math education with a chemistry minor, also offered comments to a hometown group. Williams is a Las Vegas native and a graduate of Cimarron High School. She expressed to the audience how important the objectives of the University are, especially to many individuals in southern Utah and southern Nevada. She emphasized that scholarships for needful and deserving students are crucial to the growth of these individuals and, by extension, the region itself.

The affair, Jenks declares, was one of the premier events of the Capital Campaign, now in its final phase. At press time, about $36 million of the $42 million objective have been raised. "Our gathering in Las Vegas was certainly a reflection of the great efforts of our capable and magnanimous Campaign Dinner Steering Committee," Jenks states.

Charlie Norton ('71 Physical Education), Mark Stephensen ('68 Industrial Arts), Jay Bingham ('71-'72), Dave Moody ('78 Business Education) and Chris Wilcox ('84 Accounting), all of whom are SUU alumni, generously sponsored this elegant event.

Due to the warm reception in Las Vegas, Jenks says that similar events in other areas are now being considered. A major effort is now underway to identify and build relationships with prospective donors along Utah's Wasatch Front. Lori Blackner, the director of scholarships in the University's Advancement Office will be nurturing relationships in this area in particular. Jenks notes that considerable progress has already been made with private foundations in the Wasatch Front area, largely due to the excellent work of Marsha Lundgren, SUU's director of corporate and foundation support.

Bennion expressed his profound appreciation to all who have participated in the Capital Campaign, and emphasized that the centerpiece for the campaign is scholarship and other financial support for students. "The need for contributions to both scholarships and endowments remains key to the Campaign's success," President Bennion says. "Since 80 percent or more of our students live away from home, the importance of scholarship support at a residential campus like ours is critical." There are a few different types of scholarship sponsorship opportunities. See which best suits you:

PRESIDENT'S CLUB-Those making annual scholarship gifts of $1,000 or more qualify for membership.

There are other types of donations, too, like bequests, charitable remainder trusts, insurance and estate. Those wishing to participate in the Campaign are urged to contact the University Advancement Office at (435) 586-7775 or access the SUU website Capital Campaign page where the option of giving online is available.


The following people were inadvertently left off of the annual "Honor Roll of Giving" printed in the Spring 2002 issue of "SUU In View." We apologize for this overlook, and want to remind all of how much the University depends on the goodwill and support of alumni and friends, such as these listed here, for its continued success in educating our students. We deeply appreciate the loyalty and generosity of all who give, especially,

...from the
President's Club
Mr. Jabe A. Sandberg
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Woodbury

…from the
Centennial Club
Mr. Ralph M. Halterman
Mrs. Anne Judd
Mr. & Mrs. Randall K. Lamoreaux
Mr. Murray L. Maughan
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Petersen
Mr. & Mrs. Russell M. Sevy
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph E. Spence
Ms. A.J. (Ella) Van Groningen

SUU Staff Member and Alumnus
Passes at 62

Clayton Frehner, director of development in the SUU Advancement Office, passed away April 3, 2002, at the age of 62 from complications following surgery.

Frehner attended Southern Utah State College from 1957 to 1959 and served as student
body president during 1958-59.

Clayton Frehner"Clayton loved SUU," says friend and co-worker Lori Blackner, director of scholarships and special projects. "He really cared about the school and his community, and was always willing to serve on committees, volunteer his time, and give of his resources to help others."

Frehner worked as a real estate broker in Cedar City for 25 years before joining the University staff full-time in 1996.

Clayton served as chairman of the Coliseum of Southern Utah campaign and spent 11 years on the Utah Summer Games Foundation Board of Trustees. He was a member of the Utah Shakespearean Festival Board of Directors for 10 years, and was also involved in fundraising projects as president of the Southern Utah Foundation. SUU presented him with the Distinguished Service Award in 1982 and 1996 in recognition of his tremendous volunteer efforts. Clayton and his wife, Ann, were inducted into the SUU Old Main Society in 1989.

Friends and colleagues will always remember Clayton for the gentle and caring way he touched the lives of others, and for his ability to make people smile through his unique sense of humor.

He is survived by his wife, four children, twelve grandchildren, his father, a brother and two sisters. A scholarship at SUU has been set up in his memory.

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