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SUU In View (Alumni Magazine)

Fall 2006

Grand Marshal

Photo: S.S. Moorty carries the mace as Grand Marshal
S.S. Moorty carries the mace as Grand Marshal

As usual, one of the most “moving” parts of the entire Commencement celebration was the grand processional of the more than 1,200 alumni-to-be, together with their professors and mentors, serpentining down the beautiful campus to the Centrum.  This biggest event of the year on campus was led this year by Marshal Moorty.  Traditionally, the honor of serving as Marshal and carrying the mace is bestowed upon a distinguished, senior member of faculty—and that tradition was certainly preserved in this year’s Commencement Exercises as Dr. Satyam Sikha “S. S.” Moorty, Professor of English, served in the Marshal position.  The mace of SUU was sculpted by Carol Ann Lind, granddaughter of J. Howard Maughan, president of the University from 1922-29.  Used as an instrument of pomp in the commencement ceremony, the mace signifies order and authority in the academic procession, and is carried at an angle of 45-degrees across the chest.  S.S. received his master’s degree from the University of Delhi, India, and his Ph.D. from the University of Utah.  He has been teaching at SUU since 1975 and retired this year.  Before he fully departed from campus life though, S.S. taught a graduate seminar in American Literary Realism and Naturalism, and a graduate course in 20th Century American Literature at Karl Franzens University in Graz, Austria, part of this past summer as a Senior Fulbright grantee.  He also taught during the last session of summer school back at SUU. One of the many awards S.S. received while at SUU is the Outstanding Scholar honor last year. 

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