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SUU In View - Spring 2004 - Recruiting & Retention Efforts | Alumni | SUU
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SUU In View (Alumni Magazine - Spring 2004)

Recruiting, Retention Efforts Pay Off as Enrollment Rises

The good news is that the total number of students at SUU (Fall ’03) has gone up nearly 3% over Fall ’02 enrollment.

Photo: Dean O'Driscoll
Dean O'Driscoll

“This is fantastic news considering the challenges we've been faced with,” says University President Steve Bennion. “With the significant tuition increase (2002-03), the temporary plateau of high school seniors in Utah and economic situation of late, this is a great accomplishment for the many people who have been working so hard to find our new students.”

The headcount, or total number of students taking classes last fall came in at 6,048. That is compared to 5,881 a year before, an increase of 167 students.

“We're very excited with this news,” says Provost Abe Harraf. “This means a lot of hard work has paid off and the students who are here are going to get an even better education.”

Despite the tightened legislative restrictions for non-resident students to gain residency, enrollment for non-residents was up 6.4%.

“Some of this can be attributed to the fact that in light of what is happening with tuition around the west and around the country we are still a great bargain in a quality higher education,” says Assistant to the President, Dean O'Driscoll.

“A great many efforts to retain students across campus have paid off this fall,” says O'Driscoll.

One change that may be reaping benefits is the reallocation of resources for new jobs and better-paying student jobs on campus. This, too, is a direct result of the additional tuition paid by the students.

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