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Alumni Days at Shakespeare, June 2014.

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Michael Hunter

Mike Hunter (’11, Chemistry) is realizing his education at Southern Utah University prepared him to enter medical school at the University of Rochester confident in his knowledge and skills.

Michael Hunter

Mike is a first year medical student at the University of Rochester. During orientation week Mike enjoyed meeting his new classmates, but was overwhelmed to learn they had undergraduate degrees from Harvard, Princeton, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, Stanford, NYU Columbia, Syracuse, Cornell and Dartmouth, to name a few. He wondered how he would compete with students from these prestigious schools. Before the first week was over he found himself leading small group discussions, answering questions no other student could and tutoring classmates in bio-statistics.

“I am confident other SUU science graduates are having similar experiences throughout the country.” He realized the quality education he received at SUU is comparable to the education of his peers.

Mike is grateful to professors in the sciences at SUU like James Chisholm, Ty Redd, and Kim Weaver for their investment in his education. These professors and many more took time outside of the class to help students progress.

During his time at SUU Mike enjoyed his involvement in student government as the Science Student Senator. He says Internal Medicine has always interested him and he wants his future practice to incorporate long-lasting patient relationships, preventative medicine and cost-effective treatments.

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