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Alumni Days at Shakespeare, June 2014.

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Kristie Johnson

Kristie Johnson (’10, Communication) is the executive assistant at the National American Indian Housing Council and always knew SUU would help in her goal of working in the non-profit sector in Washington D.C.

Kristie’s experience with the National American Indian Housing Council (HAIHC) has been phenomenal. She says, “I’ve had the ability to effectively and efficiently promote and support American Indians, Alaska Natives and native Hawaiians in their self-determined goal to provide culturally relevant and quality affordable housing for native people.”

She serves the community in D.C. by mentoring new American Indian youth interns.  She tries to make it a smoother transition for them and let them know they are not alone.

During her time at SUU she was involved in the Upward Bound Program. LeAnn Maxwell, the program’s director, impacted her success by shaping Kristie to lead by example, to have passion in all that she does, to communicate effectively, to be a great listener and always be herself.

Kristie’s favorite memory of SUU is the multi-cultural center. It was her home away from home and a place where she and her friends studied and practically lived. Whenever she returns to campus the center is the first place she wants to visit.

She is a member of the Navajo Tribe from Monument Valley, Utah on the Navajo Indian Reservation and is a first generation college graduate. The greatest recognition is the pride of her grandmother proud for the work she is doing in Washington D.C. She loves conversing in her own language with others who are interested in learning.

Kristie lives in Washington, D.C., and has applied for graduate school in public health with an emphasis in communication/marketing.

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