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Alumni Days at Shakespeare, June 2014.

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Alumni Spotlight

Jo Kremin

Joleen “Jo” Kremin (’06, Accounting) is grateful to SUU and the School of Business for molding and shaping her success as a PhD student at Texas Tech University.

“The degree I completed at SUU was a catalyst for my desire to pursue a doctorate in accounting,” she says. “Dr. David Rees was a main component to my decision to go back to school and he has continued to be supportive. I so appreciate the opportunity I had at SUU to develop a good relationship with my professors because those relationships have continued to be a blessing, years after my graduation. “

As a PhD student at Texas Tech (one of only two in her class), Jo is steeped in accounting research and proudly proclaims, “You just got the goose bumps a little, admit it!” She is a behavioral theorist under an audit context and researches psychological and social theories on the decisions of auditors. Jo graduates in 2012 and looks forward to becoming a professor and molding the minds of young accountants everywhere.

Her favorite SUU memories include time spent at the Service Learning Center (now the Community Engagement Center) where she fondly remembers attending the alternative spring break to Mexico in 2007. “I specifically remember the look on the children’s faces in Mexico as I tested out my horrible Spanish on them; those are time I will never forget,” she says. Jo continues to volunteers through her position president of the Texas Tech chapter of LDSSA where the chapter participates in multiple service activities in the community.

A self-proclaimed “budding foodie,” Jo says cooking makes her supremely happy. She enjoys traveling, seeing new places and meeting new people. She has visited New York City with Jill Stevens Shepherd (a roommate after graduation from SUU), Ireland, Mexico, California, Georgia, and many places in Texas. And while she has traveled extensively, Jo also loves staying at home reading a good book or watching a funny movie. She “adores” her friends, loves to run and recently tried her hand at CrossFit which she proclaims as “addicting!”

Jo resides lives in Lubbock, Texas.