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Trevor McGlochlin

Trevor McGlochlinSouthern Utah University (SUU) Alumnus, Trevor McGlochlin (’11, psychology), is a recent graduate of the Florida Institute of Technology, where he earned his graduate degree in Industrial and Organizational (I-O) Psychology.

I-O Psychology is the branch of psychology that studies human behavior in the workplace and applies psychological theories and principles to business organizations.

"As a research analyst, in the research and development department of Select International Inc., I work with data sets and on statistical analysis projects for well-known corporations. Currently, I am working on projects for Verizon Wireless and General Electric," said McGlochlin.

McGlochlin believes he received great personal guidance from his psychology professors and advisers while attending SUU for his undergraduate studies.

"Professors, Corser and Barney, really sparked my interest in psychology and [led me to] my career path in I-O Psychology. I loved their style of teaching and I always looked forward to attending their class lectures," says McGlochlin.

McGlochlin recalls his college athletic involvement and how he enjoyed playing on the Men’s Volleyball club team and practicing Parkour with his buddies.

"One of the best things I ever did at SUU was help found the first Parkour team. Justin Bateman, Josh Bateman, Riley Farr, Tony Pearson and I started the group and created several YouTube videos," said McGlochlin.

Trevor McGlochlinParkour is a holistic physical conditioning discipline developed from military obstacle course training where participants use their bodies and surroundings to propel themselves through the course, in the most efficient way possible, while maintaining their momentum.

It involves seeing ones environment in a new way and imagining the potential for movement around it. Parkour is a non-competitive activity that can be practiced alone or with others and usually takes place in urban settings. It may include running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling and crawling, depending on the situation.

McGlochlin credits his participation in the Presidential Ambassador program as doing more for him than anything because that is where he met his wife Monica (Workman) McGlochlin (’08, biology).

"She is the one who has enabled me to be a success in life. Together, we have an extremely cute baby, who’s about to turn three, named Summer," says McGlochlin.

McGlochlin’s most memorable life experiences thus far include serving an LDS mission in Italy and Switzerland, getting married, having his daughter and earning his graduate degree.

He enjoys sports, film editing and helping his community through his church. McGlochlin and his family presently reside in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

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