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Alumni Days at Shakespeare, June 2014.

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Scott and Tori Truman McKee

Scott (’97, Chemistry) and Tori Truman McKee (‘96) are Brigham City, Utah residents where he works for ATK Space Systems as a Systems Engineer on Ares (NASA’s manned space flight launch vehicle) and she as a media specialist at Bunderson Elementary School.

Following Scott’s graduation from SUU and their marriage in June of 1997, the McKee’s moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he pursued a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Arizona State, graduating in the spring of 2003. Tori finished her bachelor’s degree at ASU and worked for that school’s Department of Management in the W.P. Carey School of Business. In 2003 the couple moved to Brigham City.

Dr. Lee Morrell was one SUU professor that positively impacted Scott’s educational experience. “He was very bright, approachable and sincere. He wanted his students to understand the information he taught,” he explains. For Tori, her American History was one of the most demanding classes she ever took. But she credits that experience in helping her figure out how to study and do well in college courses.

What favorite SUU memories do the McKee’s have? For Tori it was sneaking McDonald’s food into the library. And or Scott . . . busting Tori for sneaking McDonald’s into the library!

Scott and Tori enjoy reading, traveling, weight lifting and spending time with their family. Their goal is not to let work get in the way of life. They explain, “We work to live not live to work.”

The McKee’s have three sons: Mica (10), Spencer (7) and Kai (5).

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