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Alumni Days at Shakespeare, June 2014.

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Regan Parker

Regan Parker (’01 Communication) is the Business Development Director at Thomson-Shore, Inc., a full service publishing services, book manufacturing and distribution/fulfillment facility. She directs the planning and implementation of all marketing and promotions strategies, and leads the market research and business development for all new products and service initiatives.

She credits SUU with teaching her important concepts in marketing and business that have supported her career endeavors. “I was lucky to have a couple of great professors and mentors in Jon Smith and Art Challis”, she says. “They both challenged me intellectually, but also taught me to love what was really valuable about me to be professionally successful.”

When Regan arrived at Thomson-Shore, despite being new to the industry, she was “thrown into the deep end and told to swim.” Drawing upon experiences as an athletic marketing intern at SUU, Regan went to work learning the industry and its new technologies. She jumped in head first, took risks, assembled a good team, provided effective leadership and implemented a sound business model which resulted in Thomson-Shore’s successful print-on-demand distribution and fulfillment program.  

Prior to working at Thomson-Shore, Regan worked for seven years with the University of Michigan Office of Medical Development where she was involved in major fundraising efforts. She participated in the largest fundraising effort to date resulting in the $100 million Cardiovascular Care and Research Facility and the first-ever fundraising effort for the physical medicine and rehabilitation department. It remains as one of her most rewarding experiences.

As a student, Regan enjoyed her time outside of the classroom and was actively involved with Alpha Phi. In fact, her greatest Southern Utah memories were made with the women she met there. “Through my time with Alpha Phi, I learned the incredible importance of working as a team, trusting your peers and following through on commitments,” she says. “The lessons I learned from that group I carry with me into every intense professional project I become a part of.”

Regan is a board member with the Ypsilanti Downtown Development Authority and is loosely involved with the Greek Community at Eastern Michigan University. She has also served with local organizations including 826Michigan, Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Area Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Center of Southeast Michigan and the Hands on Museum for Children.

She earned her MBA in 2008 from Eastern Michigan University, and enjoys spending time with friends, cuddling with her cats and reading. She loves the gym and is obsessed with cycling and spinning.

Regan lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

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