ArtsBridge America

ArtsBridge Dance

Southern Utah University, the Utah Shakespeare Festival, and the Iron County School District are starting a Teaching Artist Training program. The program will train top university students in order to provide instruction in art, dance, drama, music, and the digital arts in area schools.

University students will learn how to provide consistent, sequential, hands-on instruction in the arts for K-12 students. Emphasis is on bridging the art form into math, science, literacy, and social studies.

University Students Will

Attend meetings the first three weeks on Monday and Wednesday and then every Wednesday from 4:30 to 5:30 for the remainder of the project for a total of sixteen hours. (Scholar Practicum)

Meet with their SUU faculty mentor to create, revise, and adapt projects as the semester progresses

Complete a minimum of twenty-five contact teaching hours with their assigned Iron School District class or classes

Create an exhibit or performance as a culminating project with their assigned Iron School District class or classes

Project Award Stipend

ArtsBridge scholars receive a $1,000 project award stipend upon completion of project award requirements and obligations.

Required Hours

All ArtsBridge scholar award recipients are required to complete a minimum of 25 contact teaching hours with their assigned class for each project award. ArtsBridge projects are awarded twice a year: fall projects and spring projects. ArtsBridge scholars are required to attend an ArtsBridge Orientation Meeting and the Weekly Scholar Practicum for sixteen hours.

Awards are available to all registered full-time Southern Utah University students. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is preferred.

ArtsBridge America Objectives

  • To provide ongoing instruction in the arts for K-12 students in a manner that allows them to explore their own creativity while benefiting from the intrinsic and cross-curricular value of the arts;
  • To provide continuous, capacity building professional support for our nation's K-12 teachers that affords unique opportunities to integrate the arts into the traditional curricula in ways that address both local classroom needs as well as state and national standards in the arts;
  • To provide school-based service learning opportunities for top university students in the visual and performing arts;
  • To promote and present career pathways in the arts among highly qualified university students;

Strategies used by ArtsBridge are well aligned with bipartisan educational agendas that value the arts as a fundamental component of the core curriculum in K-12 and that call for no child to be left behind. The education reform principles of ArtsBridge are that our nation's public schools need arts education as a regular component of a comprehensive curriculum that will lead to student success, and that universities should apply their vast stores of expertise and personnel on behalf of K-12 improvements in teacher support and child learning.

ArtsBridge was funded by the Dana Foundation 2008/2009