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General Description of SMP


The purpose of the SMP Program is to: (1) give eligible enlisted members of the Army National Guard and Army Reserve an opportunity to participate in the Advanced ROTC Program; (2) provide Non-scholarship, Reserve Forces Duty scholarship, Military Junior College scholarship, or Dedicated Army National Guard scholarship students an opportunity to serve in an Army National Guard/Army Reserve unit while participating in ROTC.
The intent of the SMP is to increase officer accessions into the Army National Guard/Army Reserve Components by increasing ROTC enrollment from enlisted RC members who are attending college. The SMP also reinforces training on the role of the commissioned officer in the Army and gives Cadets the experience of working with soldiers and Noncommissioned Officers.
Upon completion of Basic Training, or equivalent qualification [MSI & MSII, LTC], an Army National Guard/Army Reserve Component soldier or ROTC cadet, who has 30 credits towards their major and 3yrs or less to graduation, can contract in the Basic (MSII) or Advanced ROTC Program and earn a commission as an officer in the United States Army while completing their college degree.


The ROTC/SMP is a volunteer officer training program designed to increase the number of ROTC officers available for Reserve Forces Duty (RFD). It encourages enrollment and participation in the ROTC Advanced Military Course and provides the future officer with leadership and reserve unit experience.

SMP Cadet

Is a reserve officer trainee assigned to a Reserve Component Troop Program Unit (TPU), while simultaneously participating as a contracted cadet in the ROTC Advanced Course at a university or college.

SMP Cadet Eligibility

  • Be fully contracted in ROTC Basic(MSII) or Advanced Course (MS III/IV).
  • U.S. citizen.
  • Eligible for enlistment in, or already assigned to, an ARNG or USAR unit.
  • Has minimum 30 credits towards major and enrolled as a full-time student.
  • Maintain at least a 2.0 GPA.
  • Be of good moral character and able to obtain a SECRET clearance.
  • Meet height and weight standards.
  • Be physically fit and pass the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT).
  • Has completed Basic Training or equivalent if enlisted in ARNG/USAR unit prior to enrollment in ROTC.

SMP Cadet Ineligibility

  • Recipients of “Green to Gold” scholarships, or 2- and 3-year “On Campus” scholarships, or 4-year National scholarships.
  • Warrant Officers.
  • Basic Course (MS I) cadets.

Mobilization/Call to Active Duty

  • SMP cadets may not be mobilized and deployed.
  • Enlisted members of the ARNG/USAR who are also taking ROTC Basic Course (but are not contracted, Advanced Course members) may not participate in SMP. These soldiers are eligible for mobilization/deployment.
  • SMP members who have been removed from ROTC and the SMP will revert to their enlistment contract and may be mobilized/deployed.

SMP Cadet Grade/Rank


ARNG – NGR 600-100, para 13-4, 13-5; AR 611-201, para 7-5
USAR – AR 601-210, para 10-7d; para 10-8d; Table 9-9, Enlistment option 9-H: AR 37-104-10, para 2-13

  • SMP participants serve in ARNG/USAR units in the rank of “cadet” and receive drill pay in pay grade E-5 (higher, if higher enlisted rank held prior to contracting).

    Example: ARNG E-6 contracts as MSIII; receives drill pay in pay grade of E-6 while participating in SMP.
  • SMP participants who are disenrolled from ROTC advanced Course will return to the grade and rank held prior to SMP participation.

Incentive Programs


AR 135-7.

The ARNG and the USAR administer a number of incentive programs, to include:

  • Enlistment bonus
  • Educational assistance
  • Reenlist/extension bonus.
  • Affiliation bonus
  • Repayment of student loans

Additional educational benefits that may be available to ROTC SMP participants:

  • Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB)
  • MGIB Kicker (additional monies to monthly MGIB benefits)
  • Selective Reserve Montgomery GI Bill
  • Monthly Stipend



ARNG – NGR 600-100, para 13-11

USAR – AR 601-210, para 10-8e-f

SMP participants will be assigned duties commensurate with those of a 2nd Lieutenant, under the supervision of a commissioned officer.

  • Officer supervision does not preclude conduct of the training by NCOs. NCOs train individuals to be officers.
  • Officer trainees are subject to the same standards and regulations for satisfactory performance as apply to the unit’s enlisted personnel.
  • Officer trainees will not be placed in any position requiring them to act directly for the commander.

Training Priorities/Resolution of Conflicts

ARNG reference – NGR 600-100, para 13-10; NGR 350-1.

USAR reference – AR 601-210, para 10-8h; AR 135-91, para 4-8; AR 140-1, para 320.


  • All ARNG/SMP members are required to attend both AT and ROTC Advanced Camp.
  • When dates conflict, priority will be Advanced Camp and AT attendance will be rescheduled.

When there is a conflict between required ROTC training and unit training ROTC takes precedence


  • SMP cadets will be excused on their request from AT during the year they are required to attend Advanced Camp.
  • If able, and they so desire, they may request to attend both.
  • The awarding of credit for AT by virtue of any form of ROTC training is not authorized.
  • When conflicts arise between weekend drills and ROTC exercises, the unit training takes precedence.

NOTE: Consideration should be given to the many commitments (ROTC, unit, school, student activities, family, etc.) that an ROTC cadet has; commanders should, when appropriate, provide flexibility when planning required or make-up training for SMP cadets.



Cadet Command Reg 145-1

Available Scholarships

  • 2-, 3-, or 4-year ROTC, “On Campus”, Scholarships (not eligible to participate in SMP).
  • Reserve Forces Duty (RFD) Scholarship
  • Military Junior College Scholarship
  • Dedicated National Guard Scholarship
  • All members of ARNG TPUs may participate in state funded ARNG State Scholarships or Tuition Assistance Programs provided they meet qualifications.

Utah Army National Guard/SMP Scholarship Info

SMP – Simultaneous Membership Program in both the Army National Guard and Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)

SMP (scholarship monies for 1 year)

-Drill pay/mo x 2 days = $254.60 mo (E-5/under 2 yrs)
+14 days for Annual Training
-Montgomery GI Bill (TAX FREE) = ($11,844.00 total) @ $329.00 mo
X36 mo/4 academic school years (fall/spring)
-Tuition Assistance – (federal/state)
$4,500.00 per year max/average semester at SUU =$2200+
-MGIB Kicker-ROTC/National Guard kicker (TAX FREE) = @ $350.00 mo
-ROTC Stipend – (living expense)
-Sophomore yr = $350.00
-Junior yr = $450.00
-Senior yr = $500.00


For more info:
SFC Brent Bergener
SMP Scholarship Coordinator
Southern Utah University ROTC