Southern Utah Science and Engineering Fair

Southern Utah Science and Engineering Fair

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Senior Fair Medalists, 2013

Award Name Project Title School Name
1st place, animal sciences Logan Carter The protein pro SUCCESS SUU
1st place, behavioral and social sciences Gavin Browning Hive orientation and pollen collection SUCCESS Dixie
1st place, biochemistry Natalie Gotcher Sugars affect on heart rate SUCCESS Dixie
1st place, chemistry Samantha Olsen Batteries ARE included Manti High School
1st place, computer science Taylor Boardman Touchless multi-dimensional computer interface (TMCI) Delta High
1st place, earth science Payton Carter Correlating elevation and cancer mortality in Utah communities SUCCESS Dixie
1st place, engineering: materials/bioengineering Taylor Hobbs Anthocyanins and their effects on dye-sensitized solar cells SUCCESS Dixie
1st place, engineering: electrical/mechanical Stephen Dennis Pulse Magnetics Manti High School
1st place, energy and transportation Andrew Richens Heat Energy: Use it or Lose it Mont Harmon Jr. High
1st place, environmental science Paul Arvig The effects of water pollution on graminoids SUCCESS Dixie
1st place, environmental management Braydon Bryner Global warming and the pipeline to space Delta High
1st place, mathematical sciences Keith Collins Statistical analysis of fantasy football SUCCESS Dixie
1st place, medicine and health sciences Daniel Bowes Barefoot running compared against shod running on incline, decline, and neutral surfaces SUCCESS Dixie
1st place, microbiology Emma Snow The affects of fertilizer on algae growth in pool water SUCCESS Dixie
1st place, physics and astronomy Mason Reed Te Mana SUCCESS Dixie
1st place, plant sciences Jessika Jordan Plants and the magnetic field SUCCESS Dixie
2nd place, animal sciences Samantha Taylor What's a bird's favorite color Snow Canyon Middle
2nd place, animal sciences McKayla Redfearn What's a bird's favorite color Snow Canyon Middle
2nd place, behavioral and social science Jessica Roundy Can lying make you weaker? Dixie Middle
2nd place, biochemistry Erica Hunt Walk like an Egyptian SUCCESS SUU
2nd place, chemistry Brianna Brammer Ultraviolet A  chromophores in sunscreen Snow Canyon Middle
2nd place, computer science Niles Hacking An artificial intelligence program for monopoly Carbon High
2nd place, earth science Rhiannon Bradley The feasibility of wind power near Helper, UT Carbon High
2nd place, engineering: materials/bioengineering Jayden Batt The best wood to burn SUCCESS SUU
2nd place, engineering: electrical/mechanical Tyson Prince Rubber Band Heat Engine Mont Harmon Jr. High
2nd place, energy and transportation Dakota Holiman Healthy energy SUCCESS SUU
2nd place, environmental science Rachel Bartholomew Acid rain's effects SUCCESS Dixie
2nd place, environmental management Adam Martin Navajo sandstone as a Southern Utah water source SUCCESS SUU
2nd place, mathematical sciences McLaren Payne The bell curve Snow Canyon Middle
2nd place, medicine and health sciences Madison Roundy Does iris color affect vision? SUCCESS SUU
2nd place, microbiology Erin Ehlers Hello, bacteria? SUCCESS Dixie
2nd place, physics and astronomy Taylor Knight Splat! Predicting the direction of blood spatter Helper Jr. High
2nd place, plant sciences Brett Eberhard Where did the nutrients go? SUCCESS SUU
3rd place, animal sciences Daniel Crane Ants in the dark Dixie Middle
3rd place, behavioral and social sciences Madeline Ruegner Does having a distraction affect a driver's reaction time? Dixie Middle
3rd place, biochemistry Saige Axelson Antibiotic or organic more efficient for killing bacteria SUCCESS SUU
3rd place, chemistry Gabe Van Dyke Why Aren't My Dishes Getting Clean? Mont Harmon Jr. High
3rd place, computer science Austin Peck Traffic trends SUCCESS Dixie
3rd place, engineering: materials/bioengineering Mikayla Frei Relative humidity Dixie Middle
3rd place, engineering: materials/bioengineering Callie Spor Ship of 2000 cranes Dixie Middle
3rd place, engineering: electrical/mechanical Kason Heaton A spark of hope, a watt of fun SUCCESS Dixie
3rd place, energy and transportation Grace Roeder To go green or not to go green SUCCESS SUU
3rd place, environmental management Natasha Bronsema Unnecessary preparation for plastic recycling Canyon View High School
3rd place, medicine and health sciences Isabel Koss Are Fingerprints Affected by Genetics? Mont Harmon Jr. High
3rd place, microbiology Kayla Greer Does honey kill household bacteria Dixie Middle
3rd place, physics and astronomy Remington Camp Attempting perpetual motion SUCCESS SUU
3rd place, plant sciences Kierra Hudson The effects of acid rain on Solanum lycopersicum SUCCESS Dixie