Center for Women and Families

Anonymous Reporting Form

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This form is designed to facilitate the anonymous report of a sexual assault to assist Southern Utah University in understanding current sexual violence trends at our campus. Filing this form will not result in an investigation unless the victim later decides to make a formal report to law enforcement. Completing this form does not constitute a police report nor a student conduct report. You will not be contacted by the university unless you indicate a desire to be contacted (you may request to be contacted at the end of this form).

Information on the Victim(s)
Information on the Offender(s)
Information on the Assault

Note: An incident does not have to involve coercion or force to be considered a student conduct violation. Reporting alcohol or drug use here will not result in any sanctions for the survivor. For information contact SUU Police.


The Title IX Coordinator will follow all university guidelines to keep this data private. However, please note that, just as with any other document on campus, if subpoenaed or court ordered, this information must be turned over to authorities.