Department of Teacher Education & Family Development

Secondary Licensure

Students interested in teaching in the secondary schools of Utah (grades 7-12) can complete course work leading to a Secondary Teaching License in the State of Utah. Interested students are required to complete a Composite Teaching Major or an Academic Teaching  Major in one or more of the University's academic colleges. In addition, a minimum of 30 semester hours of professional education course work and a student teaching placement must be completed in the Department of Teacher Education and Human Development. Secondary Education students should plan this program through an Education Advisor.

A minor is not required for Licensure in the State of Utah.  Students will not receive a teaching license in a minor area of study. Secondary licenses are only issued for major areas of study. It is suggested that anyone wanting to complete a minor meet with the Education Advisor.

Secondary Block courses and Student Teaching will be offered in the Fall and Spring semesters only. Students will not be admitted into the Secondary Educational Professional Block unless 95% of their academic major is completed. The College of Education will register all students for the Secondary Block and Student Teaching.

Secondary Education students must pass their major area (content) PRAXIS exam before student teaching.  For the correct test, registration and test dates you may contact ETS at

Majors (programs) Approved for Licensure

Program Available Options
Art Composite Major
Biology Major
Business Education Major
Chemistry Major
Dance Education Major
English Major
French Major
German Major
History Major
Mathematics Major
Music Composite Major
Physical Education Major
Physical Science Composite Major
Special Education Mild/Moderate Dual License
Social Science Composite Major Composite Major
Spanish Major
Theatre Arts Major

Secondary Education Required Credit Hours in Education (32 Minimum)

Course Number Course Title Credit
EDUC 3000 Principles of Teaching and Learning 3
SCED 3200 Secondary Education Psychology 3
SPED 3030 Educating Exceptional Students 3
SCED 3400 Educating Diverse Populations 3
EDUC 3180 Academic Decision Making and Assessment 3
SCED 3720 Content Literacy (Online Course) 2
Academic 4900 Methods Course 2-5
  Block (Must be admitted to the College of Education)
SCED 3570 Secondary Classroom Management 3
SCED 3590 Planning, Delivery & Assessment 3
  Student Teaching
SCED 4520 Practicum/Induction Seminar 3
SCED 4980 Secondary Student Teaching 7
Academic 4980 Academic Department Student Teaching 2