EconomicsUtah! Schools Program




What:  A program by the SUU Center for Economic Education to promote economic literacy in Utah. 



·        1 ˝ day workshop held all day Friday and Saturday Morning

·        1 semester hour credit “Economics 5450 Economics for Teachers”

·        Course will cover (see attached sample syllabus)

o       Utah state standards and national standards for economics by grade level

o       Easy principles of economics

o       Complete lesson plans and activities

·        Videos and CD-ROM for the school media collection


Cost to Teachers and Schools:  all costs will be paid by the SUU Center for Economic Education

·        SUU tuition

·        Textbooks and lessons (each teacher will receive a lesson book)

·        Substitute teacher for the Friday session

·        Cookies, drinks and other snacks!


When:  To be scheduled on Friday and Saturday with school.


Where:  The workshop will be held at the school.   The workshop will need to have a minimum of 7 teachers and a maximum of 15.


Contacts:  If you would like your school to become an EconomicsUtah school or have questions, please contact


Joe G. Baker                                                                 Forrest Fonnesbeck

Business Building Room 321                                          Dixie High School

Southern Utah University, Cedar City UT 84720             350 East 700 So. St. George UT 84770

Phone: (435) 586-5449, Fax: 586-5493                            Phone:  (435) 673-4682  Fax: 673-2384

email:                                                email:







I.  Welcome/Introductions


II.  Pretest


III.  Sample Lesson Plan and demonstration

1.        "Name Card Production"


IV.                 Overview

1.        What is economics all about?

2.        Need/Purpose of Econ Ed

3.        National Center for Economic Education

4.        Utah State Office/SUU Center overview

5.        Course Outline


V.  Standards and Requirements

1.        Utah State Standards and Requirements

2.        National Council on Economic Education Standards


VI. Lesson Planning Resources

1.        Virtual Economics

2.        Economics for the Elementary School

3.        Focus: High School Economics


VII.  Overnight assignment:  teams develop lessons  for presentation on day 2




I. What is Economics?  Basic Economic Concepts

1.        Production Possibilities

2.        Mankiw's 10 principles


II. Presentation of team lessons


III. Lesson Planning Resources (continued)

1.        Videos

4.        SUU Center Resources/State Office

5.        National Materials

6.        Internet sites

·         EcEdWeb (

·         EconEdLink (

·         Economics America (

·         SUU Center for Economic Education (

·         Other


IV.  Post test, wrap up