Course Information

Spring Semester 2015

Food and Culture
ANTH 3200–01/SOC 3250-01, CRN 11527
MWF 12:00-12:50 pm, ED 202

This course addresses the relationship between food and culture. It examines food taboos and rituals, food and identity, alcohol and drug use, feasting and fasting, hunger and obesity, and the global politics of food production and consumption. Biological Anthropology.

Special Topics: Anthropology and Archaeology of South America
ANTH 4700-01, CRN 12092
MWF 9:00-9:50 am, GC 107

This course explores the prehistoric culture histories and the contemporary indigenous societies of South America, concentrating on the Andean region located in the central-western part of the continent (corresponding to modern day Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, and parts of Chile and Argentina). The first third of the course will concentrate on Andean prehistory. The remainder of the course will be dedicated to learning about some of the contemporary indigenous peoples of the Andean highlands, the Amazonian lowlands, and the coastal cities. In our discussion of these cultures we will give special attention to the following topics: the experience of colonialism, indigenous sovereignty and political rights, spirituality and religious traditions, gender politics, and the symbolism and significance of the landscape.

Office Hours:
MWF 9:50 -11:50 am, or by appointment.