Course Information

Dr. Shobha Hamal Gurung specializes in Gender and Labor, Development and Cultural Studies, Comparative Family and Community,
Globalization and Political Economy.

Fall Semester 2014

  • SOC 1010-01 Introduction to Sociology (CRN 30366) TR 10:00 - 11:20 am, BU 201
  • SOC 1010-02 Introduction to Sociology (CRN 30367) TR 1:00 - 2:20 pm, TH 107
    Designed to give students a foundation for all future sociological studies. Develops an understanding of the role of social organization on human interaction. Introduces definitions, terms, and concepts used in sociological literature.
  • SOC 3370-01 Gender & Society in Global Perspectives (CRN 30370) MWF10-10:50 am, ED 102
    An introduction to the field of gender studies with a focus on sex role behavior from several theoretical perspectives. Emphasis is on recent sociological research as well as cross-cultural and historical analysis of women and men in society.
  • SOC 4530-01 Diasporas & Transnationalism (CRN 30376) MWF1:00-1:50 pm, MC 110
    This course examines the socio-cultural, political, & economic dimensions of transnational practices across nation-states.  It focuses on the causes and consequences of transnationalism.

Office Hours:
TR 2:30 - 5:00pm,
or by appointment.