Professional Information


Ph.D. Botany; Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Kansas;
Lawrence, Kansas; Sectional Revision, Speciation, and Population Biology in Lycopodium
(Lycopodiaceae), honors

B.S. Biology/Math; Black Hills State University; Spearfish, South Dakota; summa cum laude

A.S. Botany/Forestry; North Dakota State University - Bottineau; Bottineau, North Dakota
summa cum laude

Current Research Projects

Phylogenetic Placement of Endemic Utah Penstemon Using Molecular Methods. Undergraduate students:
A. Dahlin and B. Francisco

The Affects of Water pH on Plant Development: Undergraduate students: A. Weagle, H. G. Smith

Ultraviolet Reflectance of Aspen Bark as Related to Elevation: Undergraduate student: J. Potter

Population Genetics and Propogation Study of Endemic Utah Penstemon: Undergraduate student:
A. Carlson

Courses Taught at SUU

BIOL 3060/3065 Genetics Lecture & Laboratory
BIOL 2050 Southern Utah Flora
BIOL 3535 Plant Physiology Lab
BIOL 1620/1625 General Biology II Lecture & Laboratory
BIOL 1010 Introduction to Biology Lecture
BIOL 3510/3515 Plant Anatomy Lecture & Laboratory
BIOL 4650 Conservation Biology Lecture
BIOL 4990 Biology Seminar

Selected Publications

Hildebrand, T. and M. Gabel. (submitted). Responses of Lycopodium dendroideum to canopy removal and horizontal stem damage. Western North American Naturalist.

Schneider, H., Smith, A.R., Cranfill, R., Hildebrand, T., Haufler, C.H., and T. A. Ranker. 2003. Unraveling the phylogeny of polygrammoid ferns (Polypodiaceae and Grammitidaceae): exploring aspects of the diversification of epiphytic plants. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 31: 1041-1063.

Foster, B. L., V. H. Smith, T. L. Dickson and T. Hildebrand. 2002. Invasibility and compositional stability in a grassland community: relationships to diversity and extrinsic factors. Oikos 99: 300-307.

Schneider, H., A. R. Smith, R. Cranfill, C. H. Haufler, T. A. Ranker and T. Hildebrand. 2002. Gymnogrammitis dareiformis is a polygrammoid fern (Polypodiaceae) - Resolving an apparent conflict between morphological and molecular data. Plant Systematics and Evolution 234: 121-136.

T. Hildebrand, C. H. Haufler, J. P. Therrien, C. Walters, and P. Hammond. 2002. A new Hybrid Polypodium provides insights concerning the systematics of Polypodium scouleri (Polypodiaceae) and its sympatric congeners. American Fern Journal 92(3): 214-228.