Selected Publications


7.  Colten D. Bracken, Amber M. Neighbor, Kenneth K. Lamlenn, Geoffrey C. Thomas,
     Heidi L. Schubert, Frank G. Whitby, and Bruce R. Howard
    "Crystal structures of a halophilic archaeal malate synthase from Haloferax volcanii and comparisons with isoforms A and G"
    (2011) BMC Structural Biology, 11:23.      doi:10.1186/1472-6807-11-23

6.  Geoffrey Thomas, Kenneth Lamlenn, and Bruce R. Howard
      "Crystallization and Preliminary X-ray Diffraction of a Halophilic Archaeal Malate Synthase"
    (2009) American Journal of Undergraduate Research 8(2&3), 15-23.

5.  Brian N. Kelly, Sampson Kyere, Isaac Kinde, Chun Tang, Bruce R. Howard, Howard Robinson,
     Wesley I. Sundquist, Michael F. Summers, and Christopher P. Hill
    "Structure of the Antiviral Assembly Inhibitor CAP-1 Complex with the HIV-1 CA Protein"
   (2007)  Journal of Molecular Biology 373(2), 355-366.

4.  Ryan VanWoerkom, Andrew Dixon, Rob Oslund and Bruce R. Howard
    "Identification, Optimization and Preliminary X-ray Diffraction of a New Crystal Form of the N-terminal Domain of the HIV-1 CA Protein"
    (2007) American Journal of Undergraduate Research 6(1), 1-6.

3.  Brian N. Kelly, Bruce R. Howard, Hui Wang, Howard Robinson, Wesley I. Sundquist, and Christopher P. Hill 
    "Implications for Viral Capsid Assembly from Crystal Structures of HIV-1 Gag1-278 and CAN133-278
    (2006) Biochemistry 45(38),  11257 - 11266.

2.  Bruce R. Howard, Felix F. Vajdos, Su Li, Wesley I. Sundquist & Christopher P. Hill
Structural insights into the catalytic mechanism of cyclophilin A"
    (2003) Nature Structural Biology  10(6), 475 - 481.

1.  Bruce R. Howard, James A. Endrizzi, and S. James Remington
    "Crystal Structure of Escherichia coli Malate Synthase G Complexed with Magnesium and Glyoxylate at 2.0 Resolution: Mechanistic Implications"
    (2000) Biochemistry  39(11),  3156 - 3168.