Thoughts on Autumn Beauty

By Meredith Cowart

Dear Father, as I see the shades
of red and golden hue,
I wonder when Thou first did make
such colors for this world.
Hast Thou loved them
from Thy mortal youth,
Their beauty reaching to Thy heart
as oft it does to mine?
Hast Thou preserved each color   
in Thy omniscient mind,
To create someday a work of art
for a child such as I?
And now today I warm myself
In Thy creation's glory.
I ponder on this beauty
And on Thy love for me.
I wonder, "Were the colors
That grace this autumn day
Conceived for just our present world
Or were they saved away
From a day long past,
Eternities gone by,
When Thou were touched
by Autumn beauty,
The same as I?
Zion's National Park
Riverwalk, Oct. 25, 1999
Photo by Terri Lund

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