Supplementary Materials - Earl Mulderink


Sample PowerPoint Presentations

Whose History Is It?  (Utah Humanities Council "Road Scholar" Presentation at Iron Mission State Park, February 2004)

Text and Context  for Web-Based Oral History (Annual Meeting of the Oral History Association, October 2002)

Listening to the Past on the Web: Voices of the Colorado Plateau (Hawaii International Conference on Social Sciences, June 2002; PPT design by Matt Nickerson)

Glory, History vs. Hollywood  (Presentation for Black History Month, 2005)

Roots, Revisited (Presentation for Black History Month, 2004)

Civil Rights Before the 20th Century (Presentation for Black History Month, 2003)

“Natives vs. Newcomers”:  Immigration and Civil Society (Invited speaker to Dixie State College’s “Windows to the World,” 2002)


Selected Student Service-Learning Project Reports (History 2710, Spring 2006)

Patricia Atkinson, Oral History of WW II Vet

Sherri Singleton, Saving Our Past with Photos

Warren Hall and Nathan Page, History Test Preparation

Natalie Gunn, Grandfather’s Photos and Stories

Lacy Borgeson, Borgeson Family History and Photographs

Becky Whetstone, Historical Landscape Photography of Hamilton Fort

Devin Benge, Benge Family History

Hollie Coates, Roper Family History and Cookbook

Chris Dinning, Silver Reef, Utah, Lesson Plan

Kiersten Gray, Grandpa Jack Gray’s Life Story

Jake Downard, Ukraine and the Yalta Conference Lesson Plan

Nick Oldroyd, Grandma During the Great Depression


Sample Student-Faculty Web Projects

The Mountain Meadows Massacre

Funded by a $3,000 grant from the State of Utah Resources Web (SURWEB) Project, this website drew upon the photography and research skills of history major Robert Sidford.  Besides providing a virtual visit to the site of the Mountain Meadows Massacre, the website includes a brief historiography “tour” of reading sources.  At the SURWEB homepage, type in the keywords “Mountain Meadows” for “images” or “media show.”


Paul McCarty Project

As part of a service-learning project in History 2710, students designed this (incomplete) web site by incorporating oral history and photographs, researching and writing new material, and interviewing the subject, Paul McCarty.  Now a Cedar City resident in his nineties, Paul McCarty was the victim of McCarthy-era blacklisting and spent fifty years trying to “clear his name.”


Sample Student Work in History 5550 (June 2004)

This was an intensive three-credit workshop for K-12 teachers sponsored by the Utah State Office of Education, with the second half of the sequence offered in June 2005.  Please see the Utah State Office of Education Core Curriculum Website or contact Robert Austin for more information.

History 5550, United States History to 1877, Syllabus, Standards, Miscellany

Students’ Sample Lesson Plans and Teaching Materials

Standard 6120-3, European Exploration (Primary Documents 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and Lesson Plan about “Spaghetti”)

Standard 6120-4, Settlement of North America

Standard 6120-5, American Revolution (Lesson Plan)

Standard 6120-6, Constitution I (Lesson Plan) and Constitution II (PowerPoint Presentations 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Standard 6120-7, Territorial Growth (Lesson Plan)

Standard 6120-8, Antebellum Politics and Society

Standard 6120-9, Civil War (PowerPoint) and Emancipation (Lesson Plan)

Standard 6120-10, American West (PowerPoint and Lesson Plan)

Fact or Myth? (Participant’s PowerPoint)


Course Syllabi and Teaching Evaluations, Fall 2005

Below are paired syllabi and evaluations for courses taught in Fall 2005, along with a syllabus for my distance education WebCT course.  These classes include my first-ever offering of UNIV 1000, the Freshman Year Experience that is required of all new students (but not universally beloved).  My most recent peer evaluations came in Fall 2006.  My Department Chair wrote in October 2006:  “Prof. Mulderink received an average mean score of 4.6 for classes taught in 2005-06 which easily surpasses the score of 4.0 required in our Department’s LRT policy for post-tenure review, his next scheduled review.  His meritorious work on online instruction was recognized by his peers in 2006.”  Faculty colleagues on our department LRT committee assessed my teaching effectiveness on October 12, 2006:  “Dr Mulderink has done a commendable job in teaching upper and lower division courses.  His student evaluation scores are excellent.”


History 2700, United States History, 1500-1877

History 2700 Syllabus

History 2700 Course Evaluations

History 3620, African-American History, 1500-1877

History 3620 Syllabus

History 3620 Course Evaluations

History 4730, United States History, 1845-1898

History 4730 Syllabus

History 4730 Course Evaluations

University 1000, Freshman Year Experience

University 1000 Syllabus

University 1000 Course Evaluations

History 1700, American Civilization

This distance education course features a WebCT platform and the publisher’s interactive web site.  (I teach this class as an overload every semester and in the summer session.)


Miscellaneous Teaching Materials

“On Writing Well” Workshop Outline (SUU, Spring 2006)

Companion Web Site to The African-American Odyssey, 3rd ed. (Pearson Prentice Hall, 2005)

History 4610, Topics in African History:  South Africa (Spring 2006):  History 4610 Syllabus and Course Evaluations

 “Award of Merit” from the Utah System of Higher Education (SUU Press Release, April 2006)

“Service-Learning . . . Emerging Strongly at SUU,” (SUU Press Release, February 2006)

 “Nationalism and Internationalism in Modern Europe,” (Study Abroad Proposal for Summer 2005; approved but not funded)

“Enhancing the United States History Survey Course With New Technologies,” (My case study for the American Studies Crossroads Project, 1998)

“Creating Online Materials for Teaching U.S. History” (workshop with Prof. Edward Ayers, University of Virginia, June 1996)