Professional Information


B.S. Biology, 1994, Westminster College, New Wilmington, Pennsylvania
M.S. Biomedical Science, 1997, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio
Ph.D. Physiology, emphasis: Exercise Physiology and Muscle Biology, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

Advisement Area

Pre-Medicine and Pre-Allied Health

Undergraduate Research: Projects

Current Projects:

Terrain and elevation adaptations of skeletal muscle in native Utah woodrats.
Southern Utah is home to several species of the woodrat (Neotoma), rodents that are native to much of the western United States. However, due to southern Utah’s uniquely diverse geography, woodrat species can be found at varying elevations and widely different terrains while still within a limited geographical region. Extensive study of Utah’s woodrat species has demonstrated differences in their behavioral patterns based on habitat distribution. However, very little is known about their physiological adaptations to differences in habitat. Numerous studies in humans and other species of rodent have shown significant changes in skeletal muscle metabolic capacities and fiber type distribution due to differences in habitat. The purpose of this project is to determine whether elevation and terrain will cause significant alterations in the structure and function of skeletal muscle.

Student Involvement: Derrick Gale, Jaron Traveler, Rhett Smith.

Evaluation of hand/forearm strengtheners by changes in grip strength and electromyographic activity.
The consumer fitness market is constantly being inundated with new exercise devices. This is largely fueled by the nation’s continued and growing interest in health and fitness. The devises in question, hand/forearm strengtheners, promise everything from improved athletic performance to prevention and rehabilitation of conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. However none of the devices in this study have undergone testing to prove such claims and most evidence of their efficacy is based on select customer testimonials. Therefore, the goal of this project is to perform an independent analysis of three hand/forearm strengtheners. Three companies have donated their devices to be tested in the study.

Student Involvement: Derek McCallister, Zach Larson, Ronald Larson, Kyler McEwen.

Past Projects:

Evaluation of intra-subject variability of EMG measurements when using a novel method of normalization. 2004-2005. Richard Mahon and Erin Eick.

Differences in metabolic cost of exercise ergometers. 2004-2005. Michael Kiedrowski and Allison Jones.

The effects of a holistic treatment on growth of Neisseria gonorrhea. 2004-2005. Kelly Filipski.