zxcdsa BA 1010 Business & Society

Fall 2013


Course Outline






Marketing Degree site

VALS site


P&G's Vocalpoint

U. S. Census Bureau

Marketing Salaries

Confessions of a car salesman (Edmunds.com)

American Marketing Association

Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP)

Supply & purchasing professionals

U.S. Small Business Administration

U. S. Department of Commerce

GSA - How to sell to the gov't.

Federal Business Opportunities site


Nielsen PRIZM

The Persuaders (Frontline)

Wal-Mart: Good for America? (Frontline)

Arts Marketing (thanks to Rachel!)

NASA's patent licensing program

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

To Google or google

Profit Impact of Market Share

Manufacturers Representatives site

Entrepreneur article on manufacturers reps

MANA site


Expensive watches I
Expensive watches II

Rooms for rent
Rooms for rent II

Saks Fifth Avenue

Armangiri - Lake Powell

GreenBook: Finding market research companies/facilities


Marketing internship

Federal Reserve Web site 

World Bank

International Monetary Fund


Ch. 1: Taking Risks and Making Profits within the Business Environment
     Chapter 1 - Class PowerPoint

 Ch. 2: Understanding Economics and How It Affects Business
     Chapter 2 - Class PowerPoint

Ch. 3: Doing Business in Global Markets
     Read p. 58-62, 64-66, 72-82.
     Chapter 3 - Class PowerPoint

Ch. 5: How to Form a Business
      Read p. 115-130, 133-136
     Ch. 5 Class PwrPt slides

Ch. 6: Entrepreneurship and Starting a Small Business 
     Ch. 6 Class PowerPoint
    Thursday's slides

Ch. 7: Management and Leadership
    Ch. 7 Class PowerPoints

Ch. 8: Structuring Organizations for Today's Challenges
     Ch. 8 Class PowerPoint

Ch. 9: Production and Operations Management
     Ch. 9 Class PowerPoints

Ch. 10: Motivating Employees

Ch. 11: Human Resources Management: Finding and Keeping Employees
     Ch. 11 Class PowerPoints

Ch. 13: Marketing: Helping Buyers Buy
     Ch. 13 Class PowerPoints

Ch. 14: Developing and Pricing Goods and Services
     Ch. 14 Class PowerPoint

Ch. 15: Distributing Products
    Ch. 15 Class PowerPoint

Ch. 16: Using Effective Promotions
     Ch.16 Class.ppt

Ch. 17: Understanding Accounting and Financial Information
     Ch. 17 Class PowerPoint

Ch. 18: Financial Management
     Ch. 18 Class PowerPoint

Ch. 19: Using Securities Markets for Financing and Investing Opportunities
     Ch. 19 Class PowerPoints

Ch. 20: Money, Financial Institutions, and the Federal Reserve
     Ch. 20 Class PowerPoints
     Read 557-561, bottom of 568-569 (FDIC, SAIF, NCUA), 572-573 (WB & IMF)

Coca-cola vision & mission


SUU library vision mission and goals

SoB vision and mission statement

SUU's mission and vision statemement




 Greed is good - Gordon Gekko

Drew Carey Project

SBDC Washington exporting help

47% of all jobs may be gone in 20 years...

BMW video

Amazon.com's distribution warehouse (3:10 minutes)