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(An * means it is listed in Student Evaluation References)

Offer of Chocolate Changes the Way Students See a Professor, Study Finds (from Tufte)

*Spooren, Pieter and Dimitri Mortelmans (2006), "Teacher professionalism and student evaluation of teaching: will better teachers receive higher ratings and will better students give higher ratings?" Educational Studies, 32 (2) June, 201-214.

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Student Evaluation References (Word file)
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eXplorance Blue/Evaluation software

Factoid: Using 2006-2007 data, the correlation between student gpa and average teacher effectiveness rating, at the college level, was .85421, and R-square was therefore .73, or 73%. See Excel file for details.

From: Keiser, R. (2005, March 18). The Merits of Student Evaluations. Chronicle of Higher Education/, /51/(28), A47-A47.

"The practice of using unvalidated instruments is considered unethical by the American Educational Research Association, the American Psychological Association, and the National Council on Measurement in Education. It probably would not stand up to a court challenge. ..

I should note that, as a little check, for years I handed all tests and assignments back at the beginning of the next class period after which they were submitted. I never got more than 4.5 on a 5.0 scale for returning assignments and tests on a timely basis. ..."

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Jeff Elison,  11/16/07

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Tentative Questionnaires

Student evaI qtnnaire: Same form as current, with no teaching effectiveness question

Student eval II: Different format - essentially an organized checklist, to discourage mean computations.