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ENGL 2010-03

Writing about Food

Text Box: Course objectives
The SUU catalog says ENGL 2010 should emphasize "the development of an effective academic style in argumentative essays that make use of traditional rhetorical patterns.” Textbooks

Readings will be posted on Canvas or distributed to you via your e-mail on your SUU profile. If you aren’t receiving class information, check your listed e-mail to make sure that it is current.

Requirements: See Canvas for 
Due dates and details
Quizzes and assignments (20 percent of your grade): Take-home assignments must be uploaded on Canvas by the deadline to count. I don’t accept assignments sent as attachments to e-mails or messages or handed in as paper copies in class. You must be in class to take quizzes or to complete class exercises. No make-up work is possible for in-class assignments, but in this category, you may drop 20 points except for the REQUIRED assignments.—the food diary, the film review, and the restaurant review.
Work connected with your Annotated Bibliography (30 percent of your grade).  See Canvas for details.
Work connected with your Final Researched Argument  (50 percent of your grade.)  See Canvas for details.
Note:  All assignments should be edited carefully and presented in MLA style. If any assignment contains more than three  major spelling, punctuation, sentence structure or MLA style errors, it will automatically fail. The Writing Center is open 10-2 weekdays during Summer Session Two except for holidays.

MTWRF  1:15-2:45     BC202

Dr. Julie Simon