Center of Excellence for Teaching & Learning

CETL Director

Dr. Grant C. Corser, now in his 7th year at Southern Utah University, has a sincere, dedicated passion for promoting excellence in teaching and learning, and fostering educational experiences so learning can take place. He earned his Ph.D. in Personality and Social Psychology from The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) where he first started studying principles of effective pedagogical practices. Never far from a learning environment, as a faculty member in the Psychology Department, Dr. Corser teaches several classes, such as Motivation and Emotion, Theories of Personality, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and Research Design. At the forefront of his teaching and research interests, is a focus on promoting learning and education among students. In the brief time since merit pay has been in place, at SUU, he has twice earned this honor.  Grant is active in campus and community service, and is the proud father of three.  

CETL Associate Director and Experiential Education Specialist

Dr. Johnny MacLean has taught general education and upper level geology courses at Southern Utah University since 2010.  After teaching at the high school level, he completed a dissertation at the University of Montana regarding an ancient plate tectonic supercontinent reconstruction.  At SUU, he relies heavily on field trips and undergraduate research to support students’ learning.  Southern Utah provides a uniquely advantageous setting for these experiential education opportunities, and Dr. MacLean continues to pursue new avenues to engage students. 

CETL Associate Director and Innovative/Interdisciplinary Teaching Specialist

Dr. Danielle Dubrasky is an associate professor of English (Creative Writing) who has won awards for her poetry and has been published in national literary journals. Her 10-poems series “The Sand Man” won the 2011 Utah Arts Council Poetry Award and is published in Sugar House Review.  She has directed the Creative Writing/Creative Teaching Conference for the past 12 years. She has been collaborating with professors of other disciplines for over 10 years, giving her students the opportunity to work with students of other disciplines including choreography and the visual arts. She has also led writing workshops for her classes in the national parks through the Outdoor Engagement Center and has directed the Poetry in London Study Abroad course.  Dr. Dubrasky will be coordinating a series of workshops based on Ken Bain’s book What the Best College Teachers Do presented by SUU faculty.

CETL Associate Director and Student Learning Specialist

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