Financial Aid & Scholarships

Graduate Aid - Scholarships, Tuition Waivers & Assistantships

Certain scholarships, tuition waivers and/or assistantships for graduate students are awarded through separate graduate programs and are awarded on an individual basis. Graduate students who are interested in assignments such as teaching assistants, research assistants, or graduate assistants are encouraged to contact their program representative. Below is a list of contacts for the specific graduate programs:

  • Master of Accountancy, Savannah Cannon, (435) 865-8167,
  • Master of Arts in Professional Communication, Matthew Barton, (435) 586-7970,
  • Master of Business Administration, Savannah Cannon, (435) 865-8167,
  • Master of Education, Sandy Ward, (435) 865-8759,
  • Master of Fine Arts in Arts Administration, Rachel Bishop, (435) 586-7873,
  • Master of Public Administration, Pat Keehley, (435) 865-8153,
  • Master of Science in Sports Conditioning and Performance, Joan Anderson, (435) 586-7816,

Other helpful resources for scholarships can be found at and

Non-Resident Graduate Student Waiver

The following waiver is available to all incoming graduate students who qualify:

Non-Resident Incoming Graduate Student Two Year Renewable - 100% Differential Waiver

  • GPA greater than or equal to 3.2 required for award
  • Cumulative SUU 3.2 GPA required for renewal