A Real Resume Booster
Real experience

The advertising market is increasingly competitive. If you want to make your future in an advertising agency, CCG can give you the experience to get ahead of others competing for the jobs you want.

In the real world, experience gets you the job. Gain the skills needed by being a part of the Centurium Consulting Group. The competitive edge gained in CCG gives real world practice needed to survive in the competitive corporate world of advertising and public relations. CCG works with real clients and companies, creating anything from logos to press releases. If you want real world experience for real world careers come be a part of the CCG team. In CCG, students fill positions as agency managers, account executives, art directors, copywriters, media planners and researchers. Come be a part of the CCG team!

For more information about CCG as a class, see the Syllabus (PDF).

CCG Means
  • Real-world experience
  • Resume builder
  • Learn how an agency works