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ENGL 2010: Intermediate Writing

ENGL 2010 emphasizes the development of an effective academic style in argumentative essays that make use of traditional rhetorical patterns. A major research paper is required. The class may count toward filling the skills competencies requirement for secondary education or for General Education. Subtopics will vary and may include: Writing in a Persuasive Mode, Literature and Film of the Vietnam War, Shakespeare and the Renaissance, and Writing from the Environment.

By the end of ENGL 2010, students should
  • Design and construct arguments for specific audiences with an emphasis on organizing, sustaining, and maintaining consistency.
  • Invest in an issue while exhibiting an awareness of multiple viewpoints.
  • Engage in rhetorical and critical analysis of challenging texts.
  • Evaluate evidence and sources.
  • Display sophistication when integrating a variety of print and non-print sources into research-based writing.
  • Use various rhetorical modes to analyze, generate, and organize writing while articulating complexities in thought and argument beyond pro/con.
  • Employ rhetorical appeals and recognize the principles of academic argument (for example, Aristotelian appeals and the Toulmin Model).
  • Be able to identify and avoid logical and emotional fallacies.
  • Conduct research involving both primary and secondary sources.
  • Grasp and employ the finer points of current MLA style.
  • Understand the definition of plagiarism and follow the principles of academic integrity, as explained in Chapter 2 of the SUU General Catalog.
  • Develop a sophisticated academic writing style employing standard usage.
In ENGL 2010, instructors will
  • Require 20-25 pages of polished writing, which must include some persuasive writing.
    • Two or three short assignments, which may include critical/rhetorical analysis, a presentation, and/or an annotated bibliography.
    • A research paper of at least 10 pages of text documented in MLA style.
  • Assign approximately 10-15 pages of informal writing, which might include exploratory writing, journal writing, and responses to assigned readings.
  • Require at least 150 pages of reading including authors representing diverse perspectives.
  • Present student model essays.
  • Facilitate peer reviews.
  • Assign individual and/or group presentations.