Department of English

Writing Center

English 0990 Tutor Contract

Instructor: ___________________________________ 


As an English 0990 Tutor, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Attend all class sessions.
  • Be on time. Clear any absences with the professor before hand.
  • Manage workshop groups on scheduled days.
  • Keep track of student participation and grades for group work.
  • Other in class duties as assigned by the professor.

If you should run into unforeseeable problems with your own schedule—emergencies, etc.—please contact the professor ASAP.

You are encouraged to attend all tutor training meetings. If you cannot attend due to scheduling conflicts, please email the instructor. You can claim the time spent at these meetings on your payroll hours.

Student payroll: remember to claim all hours, including those that you spend in class or meetings. English 0990 Tutors are not paid to spend time helping students outside of class hours. Students should be referred to the Writing Center for help outside of class time.

Be mindful of student privacy issues when dealing with grades.

Student workers who do not live up to the terms of employment may be terminated.

Tutors are paid on the following pay scale:

$ 7.50 per hour                      Beginning tutor with no previous experience.

$ 8.50 per hour                      Tutor with first level of certification

$9.50 per hour                       Tutor with second level of certification

Are you currently working in the Writing Center? If so, what will your hourly wage be in the Center this semester?_________

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