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Welcome to the Hispanic Center for Academic Excellence at Southern Utah University

Tutor Project:

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  • Interested in helping young Hispanic/Latino students?
  • Interested in earning one credit hour?
  • Are you committed, dedicated and reliable?

If so, the Tutor Project is for you!


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Want to improve conversational English or Spanish? SUU students and community members are welcome.

Try Encuentros!

The Hispanic Center provides culturally sensitive programs to SUU Hispanic students to enrich their academic experience, to increase their enrollment, retention, and graduation rate at Southern Utah University. The Hispanic Center also supports the educational efforts of (K-12) schools in Cedar City, to academically prepare, and entice Hispanic/Latinos to graduate from high school and to pursue postsecondary education. Furthermore, the Center counsels Hispanic parents to acquire knowledge and essential dispositions to become active participants in their offspring's education, to motivate, and to support them as they complete high school and seek college degrees.


Every Wednesday at 6:30: Encuentros: Wednesdays in the Braithwaite Center 202

Latino Club: Show and Tell Activity February 9th at 6 p.m.