College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Admissions and Recruitment

Sharwan Smith Center 169

The Admissions office provides application forms and information about Southern Utah University, arranges for admissions counseling and campus visits. Staff in the Admissions Office evaluates application materials. Prospective students may also find similar information at:

Financial Aid & Scholarships

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The Financial Aid & Scholarship office administers a comprehensive financial aid program to assist students in attending the University. The financial aid programs include all federal, state, and institutional programs, including work study.

Multicultural & International Center

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Tina Calamity, Multicultural Counselor  435-586-7772
Mark Taylor, International Student Engagement Coordinator 435-586-1946

The Multicultural and International Center promotes diversity though recruitment and involvement of ethnic student on Southern Utah University campus. It is home to ethnic and culturally diverse students, as well as all who enjoy learning more about cultures. The center offers computer access to students and provides space for meetings, study groups and lounging.

Registrar's Office

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The Registrar’s Office is the central spot for transcripts and records, grading, academic scheduling and Veteran Affairs.

Student Services Reference Guide

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Student Services Center provides all of campus services available to students.

Student Support Center

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Student Support Center focuses on academic, personal, and financial support of academically under prepared, non-traditional, disabled, first generation, and low income students. Students who meet this criterion are eligible for assistance through the TRIO program.

Success Academy at SUU

Multipurpose Center 205

The Southern Utah University for Computer, Engineering and Science Students, is an Early College High School designed to help students succeed in science, technology, engineering or mathematics. Students who meet the admission criteria of DSC or SUU have the opportunity to earn collegiate credit toward the Associate degree and the fulfillment of scholarship requirements. This is an intensive academic program designed for students who are willing to engage in a rigorous educational experience.

Upward Bound (TRIO Program)

Multipurpose Center 209
Leanne Maxwell, Director 435-559-8069

Upward Bound is a college based program for qualifying high school students. It provides vigorous academic instruction, tutoring, and counseling, and academic instruction, this program also provides valuable information pertaining to financial aid, scholarships, federal grants and college applications.

Student Clubs

Latino Club
President Bianca Espinoza 

Multicultural Society Club
President Sara Webber