Department of History, Sociology & Anthropology

Mission Statements

Department Mission

Signing of Declaration of Indepence

The Department of History and Sociology seeks to educate students about the history of past peoples and about the role of social organization on human interaction. Its faculty equip students with analytical and communicative skills which will enable them to investigate past and present human cultures and societies and to communicate their findings logically, scientifically and effectively. The Department offers major and minor programs for the disciplines of History and Sociology and supports a Social Science Composite Degree for secondary teaching certification. The Department of History and Sociology purposes to:

  1. Provide expert classroom instruction from qualified instructors with terminal degrees.
  2. Educate students with basic and advanced knowledge germane to their major and discipline.
  3. Equip students with the skills to conduct original research and to express cogently the results of their researches.
  4. Prepare students for a variety of employment opportunities and for graduate studies.
  5. Provide opportunities for practical experience and experiential education within the respective disciplines.


The history program supports the general education program and is committed to preparing undergraduate students to understand their historical and cultural heritage. Further, in cooperation with the College of Education, the department prepares students for teaching careers in elementary and secondary schools, and it works to qualify majors for graduate study and advanced administrative specialization.


The sociology program prepares students for life in a diverse society by introducing them to applied and conceptual tools that aid in a more thorough understanding of social structure, social processes, group values, attitudes and beliefs. Sociology supports the general education requirements, integrates service-learning in several courses, and prepares students for graduate degree programs in addition to careers in teaching, social work, and a variety of administrative and research occupations.


The Anthropology program has two principle goals: 1) to prepare students interested in pursuing graduate work in anthropology or professional degrees in the related fields of international business, criminology, education, medicine, and law; 2) to provide an interesting and rigorous course of study for students seeking to understand the human cultural and biological experience through time and space. Students pursuing the Anthropology minor at SUU will be exposed to a three field approach that emphasizes Anthropology’s dominant sub-disciplines: archaeology, cultural anthropology, and biological anthropology. They will master a broad range of research, critical reasoning, and oral and written communication skills designed to prepare them for life and work in an increasingly multicultural world. Through courses dealing with human evolution, prehistoric culture change, and the cultural and biological diversity of contemporary humans, students will be taught to question and examine the significance of ethnocentric beliefs, attitudes, and prejudices and to understand the incredible biological and cultural diversity that characterizes the human species. A minor in Anthropology will supplement existing SUU major programs in Biology, Criminal justice, Foreign languages, History, Geography, Outdoor Recreation, Psychology, and Sociology.