Department of Foreign Languages & Philosophy

French Program


Dr. Rosa Perez and Dr. Elise Leahy at Parowan Gap

Dr. Elise Leahy holds a Ph.D. in French from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is an Associate Professor of French. She has been teaching at SUU since fall of 1992. Her specialization is French theatre and her dissertation focused on late twentieth century historical drama. Research interests include memoire by contemporary French and francophone writers, music and literature by writers of immigrant origin in contemporary France, and twentieth century French theatre. Teaching interests include French language, French phonetics, modern French and francophone literature, theatre, and translation.

Dr. Rosa A. Perez holds a Ph.D. in French from CUNY (City University of New York) and is an Assistant Professor of French. She has been teaching at SUU since the fall of 2008. Her specialization is Medieval French literature and culture. Her research interests include Jewish women in early modern France, gender and folklore in medieval romances and diasporic identities in francophone literature. Her teaching interests include French language, early modern French literature, francophone and French literature and culture, and humanities.

Drs. Leahy and Perez enjoy organizing many events and activities which enrich the classroom experience of their students, such as film festivals, French Tables, and performance opportunities. These offer the students additional exposure to French culture and language and create a sense of community for French students on campus.

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