Department of Political Science & Criminal Justice

Adjuncts - Fall Semester 2014

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Terry Lamoreaux CJ 1350-01 Introduction to Forensic Science
Douglas Bennett POLS 1100-01 American National Government
Douglas Bennett POLS 3130-01 American Legislative Process & Behavior
Patrick Clarke PADM 6550-70i Student Affairs in Higher Education
Roger Carter PADM 6650-70i Managing America's Cities
Judge Higby CJ 2330-01 Juvenile Justice
Dave McGuire PADM 6500-70i Public Human Resource Management
Wayne Williams CJ 3270-01 Criminology
Mike Carter PLGL 2100-30i Estate Planning & Probate Law
Mike Carter PLGL 1100-01 Introduction to Law
Eric Kirby POLS 3100-01 Parties, Elections and Voting Behavior