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Going Green

The SUU IT Department recognizes our responsibility to take care of the earth for ourselves and future generations. We understand the importance of sustaining the natural resources we all share. As an institution of higher learning, we also know that we can play a vital role in educating the environmental stewards of today and tomorrow.

We've launched a green initiative designed to help us fulfill our environmental commitment.

As part of that commitment, we've:

  • purchased computer systems and monitors with high Energy Star ratings for student and faculty use, these including Dell Optiplex and Apple iMac computers.
  • implemented JuicePress, a power management system that automatically shuts down campus computers during times of inactivity. It also monitors power consumption allowing us to make changes in computer labs that waste energy.
  • incorporated Print Release Stations. Before students can print in the main computer labs they must go to the printers and release their documents before they are printed. This has saved countless pages of paper that have been wasted in the past because of accidental printing.
  • started recycling toner cartridges instead of letting them be thrown away.
  • begun using printers that do duplexing. Duplexing printers can print on both sides of a page instead of just one side.

Our Current Stats for Going Green

Because of the new energy efficient technology we've begun using, we are consuming about 60% less energy than we were just a few short years ago.

Computer Systems
Dell Computer
Annual Energy Used Annual Energy Cost
Old System 204.94 kWh $20.48
New System 87.64 kWh $8.75

We have been able to save an annual 117.30 kWh per computer system on campus. This also reduces CO2 emissions per computer by 0.08 Tons annually as well. That's the amount of CO2 generated when you drive your car 192.84 Miles!

Dell Monitor
Annual Energy Used Annual Energy Cost
CRT Monitor 144.00 kWh $14.40
LCD Monitor 64.49 kWh $6.45

By using new LCD monitors on all the campus computers we are saving an annual 79.51 kWh per monitor. This reduces CO2 emissions per monitor by 0.27 Tons annually. That's the amount of CO2 generated when you drive your car 653.49 Miles!