Leavitt Center

Student Involvement - "Building Tomorrow's Leaders Today"

Student Action Committee Members

The Student Action Committee (SAC) is the easiest way to get involved with the Leavitt Center.  By signing up to be a member of the SAC, you will receive weekly emails regarding upcoming events, ways to get involved, and opportunities to volunteer and/or serve. Through the SAC you can become involved with the Leavitt Center as much or as little as you would like (and at a minimum receive updates about our events). Those who volunteer to help with Leavitt Center projects will be paired with members of the Executive Council. You do not need to be a political science major to be on the SAC. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Student Action Committee please email the Student Director at leavittcenter@gmail.com

Fellows Program

The Fellows Program consists of students who aid and support the Executive Council in their various projects and initiatives. These are students are those who have typically shown their commitment through the SAC program and are asked to apply to become a Fellow.  One does not need to be a political science major to be in the Fellows Program. The following are just some of the responsibilities of a Fellow:

What Fellow members do:

  • Assist the Executive Council with various projects and initiatives;
  • Plan your own initiatives and events;
  • Receive training and preparation in the Leavitt Center's internship program;
  • Sit in on Executive Council meetings and special events;
  • Come to networking luncheons and other socials;
  • Get paired with an Executive Council member in our mentorship program;
  • And have a lot of fun too!

Executive Council

Executive Council (EC) members are selected by the Executive Director each year as needs arise from those who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to furthering the goals and mission of the Leavitt Center. The Executive Council in essence runs the day-to-day operations of the Leavitt Center. One does not need to be a political science major to be on the EC. In fact, the majority of our EC members are not political science majors. 

What Executive Council members do:

  • Gain hands-on professional development and leadership training;
  • Receive first priority to new internships offered by the Leavitt Center;
  • Plan and implement weekly political forums;
  • Organize and moderate debates;
  • Engage in recruitment and advertising;
  • Conduct various research initiatives;
  • Participate in monthly service projects;
  • Opportunity to network and expand career contacts;
  • And have a lot of fun too!