The Utah Center for Arts Administration

Organizational Analysis

Whether your organization is young or old, an organizational audit can help you understand what you are doing well and what areas may need improvement. Think of it as a “total body scan” for your organization.

Our goal is to implement a strategic planning process that ensures the mission, vision, and values of your organization.  To ensure your organizational plan is being effectively fulfilled we help you:

  1. Understanding the general history of the Not For Profit sector, as well as the incorporation process and development of the modern board of directors in the USA and become aware of other models used in the world.
  2. Developing an awareness of the skill sets required to effectively work with, manage, and provide leadership to maintain.
  3. Applying critical thinking to a variety of staff situational management and leadership problems.
  4. Analyzing your bylaws and developing the skills to amend bylaws to maximize the operational effectiveness of an organization.
  5. Creating agendas and effectively managing meetings in arts organizations