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Request a Canvas Course Shell

Dear SUU Faculty and Staff;

The form below is used by faculty needing a CANVAS shell created and populated by BANNER. Departments and Staff wanting to use CANVAS for their organization must contact SUU's CANVAS Administrator, Ean Harker.

As of Spring 2014, all ACTIVE courses in Banner will have course shells automatically created. Course shell creation occurs when the Registrar's office rolls over the previous year's activations into the new semester and assigns the new CRNs.

New course offerings may be delayed in having a shell created, usually up to 48 hours after they have been entered and made ACTIVE in Banner.

This form should only be used if the following conditions are met:

  1. The course has an assigned CRN,
  2. The course is listed in the Class Schedule,
  3. The Instructor of Record, or Currently assigned instructor is listed as such in the Class Schedule. [See #2 in the troubleshooting info below the form.]
  4. If the course has not been created 48 hours after steps 1-3 (above) has been performed. 

Please complete the entire form, paying particular attention to the format examples provided. A separate form should be submitted for each individual course section wanted in CANVAS. For those who want more than one section "cross-listed" (combined) into one course shell, please submit a shell request for each section with the form on this page first, then use the Cross-list Sections Request Form.

Because of the significant number of requests for course shells, we will only accept requests through this form. Other submission formats, such as individual email or letters will not be accepted. The submitter will receive a copy of the request and is responsible to verify that the information is correct. If an error is made, the request will not be processed- Please resubmit a new request with the correct information. A record of submitted requests are kept.  

Please be patient in your Course Shell Request processing. Typically, shells are created shortly after the initial request. However, depending on server requests, submission times, and internet traffic a delay in processing may occur.

If you have any questions I can be reached at or (435) 865-8555.


SUU Online Administrators


  1. Complete ALL of the following form fields to request a course shell within CANVAS. 
  2. Please pay particular attention to the submission format listed for each field. This will assist SUU Online in providing timely creation of the course.
  3. Please note that all fields must be completed for course shell creation.
  4. The SUU Username of the submitter will be maintained for verification purposes.
  5. Questions may be referred to SUU Online at or (435) 865-8555.

Important Information - Troubleshooting

If the Instructor cannot find their course in CANVAS:

  1. The course shell needs to be made visible in the Canvas Course Menu.  The solution:
  2. The Instructor listed not listed as the "Instructor of Record" in Banner/Class Schedule, or the Instructor is a Co-Instructor of the course. The solution:
    • A) If the Instructor is not listed as the primary instructor - please contact the Registrar's office to update the information. Once the change is made in Banner, the update will populate the Instructor into the shell.
    • B) If the Instructor is a Co-Instructor, the primary Instructor will need to submit a population request for this individual.
  3. The shell request is in a creation queue. The solution:
    • Wait. If the shell is not created by 8 am the following business day, contact SUU Online.
  4. The shell request was denied. (Incorrect CRN/ course information.) The solution:
    • Submit a new request.
  5. A shell request was not made. The solution:
    • Submit a request.