Student Services Excellence Award

Spring 2008 Award

The Student Services Excellence Committee is pleased to announce Bob Ogie as the first recipient of the Student Services Excellence Award. Bob has been a part of the SUU community, serving students in the Student Support Services Office for 26 years. Carmen Alldredge had this to say about Bob:

Bob Ogie - Spring 2008 Student Services Excellence Award Recipient

Bob is a great professional at Student Support Services. He is very knowledgeable of his duties as he interacts and helps our Disability Office. A natural teacher and educator, Bob does not just help to set up accommodations for our students with disabilities but he also gives them hope, support and a genuine care as they progress in their academic endeavors. Bob is always helpful with every professional at Student Support Services, helping each of us to succeed in our jobs because of his assistance.

We would also like to congratulate our other nominees:

  • Marla Bingham:
    Marla is one of the most helpful and pleasant student service personnel. I have called upon her numerous times to help me with getting employment paperwork put together for the International Students and she is so willing to help them in any way she can. She deserves the applaud... :-))
  • Cindy Nelson:
    Though Cindy does not work on campus, she is a great ambassador for the University. Through her Student Support Services job, she brings students on campus, works relentlessly with her undergraduate students to prepare them for university and is a team player with the rest of the ETS Staff. Recently Cindy has taken over many of the responsibilities Julie Walker had as Julie convalesces from a debilitating few months of illness. Cindy is dependable and encouraging to all members of the staff in her new role as she functions for Julie and keeps her job as Talent Search Advisor in her remote schools. Cindy is a great person with lots of abilities and a great attitude. She deserves this award!
  • Carmen Alldredge:
    Carmen is a huge asset to the Student Services division of SUU. Although her job is to coordinate the Office for Students with Disabilities, she goes way beyond the duties of her job description. Carmen was raised in Spain and brings her bi-lingual and cultural perspectives to SUU in ways that support the Spanish speaking community in Cedar City and on campus. She helps so many of these new immigrants to access higher education at SUU. In addition to her support of students and community members, Carmen spends many additional hours assisting non-traditional students and students with disabilities in their clubs and out of classroom learning. Carmen is a kind, generous person who gives willingly of her time and talents above and beyond the duties of her job. She is a much appreciated mentor to many students and makes a difference in their lives and educational success.
  • Lindsey Brown:
    I believe that Lindsey is the epitome of patience and friendliness. I have gone to her time and again for information on a student and no matter how busy she is, she is always more than willing to help. I know her position can be very stressful, especially during catalog revision time, and there again, when needing to visit about certain items for the catalog, she never once made me feel that I was imposing. I am sure when students visit her as well, she shows them respect and kindness.

    I nominate Lindsey because of her warm personality and her generous attitude. It is a pleasure working with her.
  • Lynn Pruitt:
    Lynn goes above and beyond everyday expectations by keeping the C-Store in pristine condition. She assists her boss with inventory control and ordering. She is always on time and ready for the day.

    Lynn makes a difference in the lives of both students and staff every day. She greets her customers as friends, listens to their joys and woes. She is a mother figure to students who need to chat or vent for a minute. Lynn goes the extra mile to ensure that her customers feel welcome and are well served.

    Thanks for considering Lynn for this nomination.

And although she wasn't eligible because she's not under the division of Student Services, we thought the comments should be published, so kudos to

  • Jill Whitaker:
    Jill works tirelessly to make the hundreds of separate web pages that make up the SUU Web site look professional, appealing, and easy to navigate. She is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that each person and/or department has the information they need accessible on the web. Every request our department has made to her has been handled quickly and efficiently. This has helped support the recruitment process by making all information and applications available to prospective students.
We want to thank everyone who participated! Keep watching the all-stars that surround us and make SUU a better place to be! Fall semester will be here soon, and we are looking forward to acknowledging our colleagues!