Student Services Excellence Award

Spring 2009 Award

The Student Services Excellence Committee is pleased to announce Lauri Garfield as the Spring 2009 recipient of the Student Services Excellence Award. Lauri has been with us since 1998, consistently serving students, faculty, and staff plan the events that enhance the academic missions of the University. Congratulations, Lauri! Our last winner, Lynn Brown, had this to say about Lauri:

Spring 2009 Student Services Excellence Award Recipient

It has been a delight to get to work with Lauri this year in scheduling activities for my clubs and SSC events. Lauri always greets me with a smile and does her best to ensure that our group gets everything reserved that we need to before our events. Many times we don't think of the little things that are necessary to make an event a success but Lauri is one who will take the time to make sure all these things are covered. She is a strong advocate for students in helping them organize activities and doesn't show her frustration when they bug her with countless requests for rooms or change their schedules at the last minute. I know that she has been so patient with my Poly Club and BSA students so assume this is an attitude that all students get and that is why I think Lauri goes above and beyond in her job! Thank you Lauri!

We would also like to congratulate our other nominees:

  • Amy Chrisman:
    Reason:  Amy serves as the Assistant Director of Admission. Her role is very much behind the scenes, but impacts many outward operations of Enrollment Management. This position requires computer/technical savvy along with strong interpersonal skills. Amy is the individual that maintains 11 elaborate communication plans. Amy plays a crucial role in ensuring that SUU communicates, with precision, to future students (via print, email, and text). The one constant in Amy's role is change. She adapts extremely well and is very dedicated to doing her job well. Her efforts, that are mostly unseen by most, make the institution look good.
  • Paula Parry:
    Reason:  Paula serves as the Office Manager for Admissions. Paula sets the standard for customer service to students, future students, and staff and faculty on campus. Paula often stays late to help make phone calls, ensure that things are ready for an event etc.
  • Dennis Ohms
    Reason:  Dennis has directed the SUU Bookstore for nearly 40 years. During this time he has used innovation and hard work to make sure that the bookstore was always profitable, thus insuring money for student scholarships each year.

    He pioneered the 3 tier used textbook pricing system used here which saves students thousands of dollars each year. He has been recognized nationally for his innovation. His creativity provides SUU Students the greatest number of used textbooks in the state of Utah.

    Dennis goes the extra mile to address student concerns and he often meets one on one with those who have questions.

    He volunteers time each year to oversee horseshoe venues at Utah Summer Games and Huntsman World Senior Games.

    Dennis's focus has always been on giving students an opportunity to succeed at SUU. He has exemplified Student Services mission of putting students first.

    Thank you.
  • Pam Branin:
    Reason:  Since Pam's office is close to mine, I see on a daily basis the affect she has on students. I realize that service learning is her job, but the degree of work, commitment and dedication she brings to her job is truly amazing. Her office is always teaming with activity; getting students involved and helping students learn to care about others above themselves. The excitement seen this past week as they all prepared for the trip to Mexico was contagious. Pam brings that contagiousness of volunteering to this university in such a manner that more students are wanting to help. I admire Pam and her ability to get more and more students involved. She has made a big difference to many students here at SUU.
Thank you to the committee that has served for two years to make this award part of the Student Services Division.

Pam Branin
Lee Chamberlain
Meaghan Cottam
Shonnie Fear
Alene Laursen
Mark Leavitt
Susan Linder
Mona Taylor

If you would like to serve on the next Service Excellence Committee, please contact Dina Nielsen at