Counseling and Psychological Services

Sample Intern Schedule

Interns develop a schedule each semester that incorporates direct service provision (typically accounting for about 40% of time at CAPS), supervision, and professional development and training. Interns are encouraged to develop a schedule that reflects their unique training needs and goals. The Training Director is available for consultation regarding schedules and approves interns’ proposed schedules.

  11-13 Individual or couples therapy
  1-3 Group therapy
  2 Crisis, Intake Screenings
  4.5-5 Supervision
    (2) Individual
    (1) Specialty Area
    (1) Group Supervision of Group Therapy
    (.5-1) Supervision with Co-Leader of Therapy Groups
  1 Supervision Preparation
  4 Specialty area(s)
  4 Training Seminars, Case Conference, Professional Development
  1.5 Clinical Team Meeting
  5 Notes and reports
  1 Assessment
  1 Outreach
  0-2 Research (can be used for research, dissertation, post-doc search)
  40 hours per week