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Letter to Parents from SUU President Michael T. Benson

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A letter to parents:

Tonight my staff and I held a meeting with the residents of Juniper Hall.  We had the unfortunate task of advising the students that we need to relocate them due to concerns about the facility’s heating system.  Our primary concern, which is the result of a leak that occurred last week, is that the system does not have the on-going capacity to keep residents warm throughout the cold winter months.  This was not an easy decision for my colleagues and me to make. We recognize that this creates a tremendous disruption in the lives of our students.  But the well-being and comfort of our students are paramount.   

Student Services staff members have been diligently working to devise a plan of action, to identify housing alternatives, and to anticipate the needs and anxieties of the impacted students.  Detailed information will be available on this resource page.  In addition, if your student is being displaced, s/he has been assigned a specific “point-person” that will be a resource to answer questions and concerns as events continue.  These staff are full-time administrative employees who can make decisions, as needed.  You too can reach out to them, should you have questions or concerns.

If your student resides in building A their point person is: Ty Jewkes 435.865.8711
If your student resides in building B their point person is: Donna Eddleman 435.586.7712
If your student resides in building C their point person is: Jerry Roeder 435.586.7766


We did not make this decision without great care and consideration.  By working together, we will successfully meet this challenge.  Thanks very much for your understanding and support.


Michael T. Benson

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