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Option #1: You may sign-up to request reassignment within on-campus University Housing, however space is very limited. (We have 18 separate bed spaces available with no two spaces together). Offers will be made based on the date original housing applications were received. (Extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.) Juniper residents who relocate elsewhere on campus will continue to pay Juniper rates for the remainder of the fall semester and for the spring semester.

Option #2: You can choose to remain on contract with University Housing through the end of the fall semester (until noon December 17) and be relocated with other Juniper Hall residents to off campus housing that the University is coordinating. We will do our best to keep roommates together and hallmates close by. After December 17, you will be responsible for finding your own accommodations off campus, or you can request to be reassigned to on campus housing that may become available over the winter break. If you are reassigned to campus housing for the spring semester, you will be charged Juniper Hall rates rather than other applicable on-campus rates.

Option #3: You may "voluntarily overcrowd" within University Housing if you have friends who are willing to share their current room assignment with you. You and your friend(s) will receive a prorated discount of 25% off fall semester rates. This option, with discounts, can be continued through the spring semester if you and your friends wish. *Note: overcrowded rooms will only be furnished with an additional bed and mattress. Roommates will need to share desks, dressers and closet space.

Option #4: You can choose to be released from the remainder of your Juniper Housing Agreement and find your own accommodation off campus. You will receive a prorated refund of your housing payment. (Approximately $320 for double; $450-$540 for single.) A helpful "Off Campus Housing Finder" can be found at: Finding your own off campus accommodations may also include staying with Cedar City community members who express a willingness to accommodate Juniper residents in need. A list of willing community members will be available at University Housing during the week.

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